How has your average budget for organic products changed over the last five years?

Actually, I don’t have a fixed budget for organic products.

I’ve tried it many times before, but it still differs from month to month.

This is because I have a limited income and have to deal with it creatively to be able to afford organic products.

A trick that I often apply is ordering from merchants who allow Postpay.Then I can combine the income (and therefore the budget) of 2 months and thus better cover the releases.

Using postponement of payment is a tip I had ever read somewhere on a website and since then I apply it (it didn’t see anything with bio shopping, but with shopping for a small budget).

For personal products I am already easy to get to the 30 euro (eg.Conditioner, shampoo, Bodywash, Facewash, products for feminine hygiene).

The above products are preferred because they are often used and therefore also come into contact with the skin regularly.

I have been doing this for years.

In terms of nutrition, it is really changeable to me though.It is where I live at the moment and which shops are located nearby.

There are shops where bio shopping is really good (e.g.A local bioshop with its own branding) then you are really cheaper out though.

For many years I have been able to afford organic products without having to go down financially.

But if you buy brands you will soon lose a lot of money.

In some biostores you can also order a fruit and vegetable package (monthly) and that’s why you are more advantageous.

Of course you have to lust for the content.It is interesting for people who like to cook and like to discover new varieties.

For me this was less interesting.

I’m going to be honest, I’ve actually often been disappointed by the quality (from such a package), I’ve therefore been hooked off.

I have tried only 1 supplier.The fruit was sometimes too sweet or not sufficiently ripe. The vegetables that were then OK again.

The Dutch webshops do everything better than the Belgian (I have been ordering products for years and the Dutch are always very quick with new trends-I like them so much-with us in Belgium it is all slower).

Over the years, more webshops have been added so it is now easier to shop with Belgian suppliers.

If you want to make it more affordable then you can get organic products from the grocery store-they do taste different though.

When they had introduced bio products in our local supermarkets in the beginning, I found it hard to take this seriously and I thought it was all about their image, but the products taste good though.

They also cost less than brands from a “real” organic Toko or shop, because in supermarkets they often work with house brands while they work in the Toko or bioshop more with brands unless they themselves also have a branding.

My budget for foodstuffs and products together is around 150 euro (this is mainly about dry products; legumes, cereals, tea, drinks, cleaning, hygiene and care).

That is what I really prefer.

Fresh organic fruit and vegetables is more around 50 euros, but the budget is really not fixed though.It often varies according to my needs and the possibilities (but the amounts I have provided I have previously spent on bio products).

There are many nice webshops where you can have your products delivered at home (even at work).

I highly recommend it to try it once.I have been experiencing:) for years.

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