How functional and appropriate is the use of English words and terminology on Quora in Dutch?

The nice thing about a Dutch site (!) is that you can also write Dutch.

Within the university there is the unholy idea to teach in English.Approximately as formerly Latin the Universal scientific language was, so must now English the scientific language become.

It is forgetful that the development of Latin to its own vernacular was an emancipation.If you move from the vernacular to the English language, that is an anti-emancipation movement. Funny in this connection that the VU will be deleted in Dutch.

In multilingual education, it is said that it is important to know your mother tongue well.

Many students will end up in education.They will not know the Dutch language at all. Schools can then, to look very modern but especially from force majeure, also start using the English language.

In a sense, studying is merely learning a vocabulary.Each course of study should be a concept device. I think it’s funest, if you don’t know it in your own language.

鈧?虄Compliance , 鈧?虄trade off ‘, 鈧?虄frame , and even 鈧?虄geframed , are all English words that you should not use.I don’t even know what compliance means. Some words are derived from English or another foreign language, 鈧?虄stratification , 鈧?虄infrastructure ‘. Also a professional language and who knows what it means, but it is Dutch. If you are going to teach in English, then you will penetrate the Dutch language.

In the time of Lorenz one spoke Dutch at the university.When Euwe became a chess world champion, he wrote all sorts of chess books, in Dutch. Russian chess users were able to read these booklets. The Russian navy and shipbuilding still use Dutch terms, which are, as it were, classified as if the computer language is English. Website, download, upload. But we are talking about files and about folders instead of ‘ MEPs ‘. Although some say “seven” instead of “save”.

In short, the Dutch Quora is fine to write good Dutch.

Depends on whether language is the (transport) means or purpose.

A winged statement (I think of Einstein) is 鈧?虄if you can not explain it in simple language, you yourself do not get the Matter鈩?

As is 鈧?虄ie, the ability to convert knowledge into understandable language is ignored.That’s harder than you think.

The infill of English words and jargon is not an obstacle as long as it remains understandable for the reader.

My understanding is that language must be an accessible vehicle to convey ideas.You also need to understand who your audience is, and keep that in mind when drafting your text.

It’s also fun to do.You will be quite challenged in your ability to use language creatively.

I think the latter may be one of the driving forces behind Quora.

As a questioner and answering the agreement on the use of these loan words, this question is de facto irrelevant.
In this context it can be useful to consider where the Flemish language purism of the Fifties led.Then it was especially case to eradicate gallicisms with root and branch. Some neologisms could do with it, other were Vlakaf absurd (pushpin: thumb nail etc.)

I am not a linguist and on the line;) Its a lot more interesting things to find on the subject than I have to report.However, I found surprising (and reassuring) hard figures about the much lesser importance of English words in English than is generally assumed:
E.g. A A4 鈧?虏 with 500 words counts on average 7 English words.…

Read the last paragraph above

List of anglicisms-English loan words

Here you will find 2100

Strange, but there appears to be no academic ambiguity about the cases where the use of an English word already or not.

Do you really know how far language purists float, then click FF-For fun-on next link, or better on the next
Electronic with the information repository in simplified and accelerating connection, another concise succinct to the content referring phrase (just some examples of linguistic unin from the alphabetical list of Flemish BARBAR ISMEN, yes!)…

I myself am not a language zeloot (language-Zeloot?).However, I am careful not to make sentences unnecessarily long, to remove adjectives and to surprise with unexpected style elements. Heavy constructions, my old trademark, went out of the window.

Did you ask me that question because I am unconscious too lax in admitting anglicisms?If so, I promise to re-read what I write here. Something I drove, once on, my boot to lap.

If it is functional, it is therefore appropriate.

I would like to ask writers to take a few seconds and ask themselves and check if there is a good Dutch translation.E.g. with Wikipedia and Google Translate.

I find superfluous English words and terminology ugly and annoying, even though my half life was English language.

I also understand that people who have not grown up in the Netherlands or Flanders sometimes use unnecessary English.

I forbid my children to use unnecessary English in a Dutch sense.Fighting the Bierkaai? Probably.

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