How far in the future will it be possible to travel to other galaxies?

Probably never.

The distances are too large, the amount of mass that you need to accelerate is enormous when you want to steer a group of people on the road for a long time, and thus also the amount of energy needed to accelerate that mass.

If you want to come somewhere during a lifetime then you will have to travel very quickly.This again gives a lot of problems. Particulate gas floating in between galaxies will provide a tremendous amount of high energetic radiation when you bump into it at a good speed.

The inside of a spaceship which is moving at high speed will be sterilized by that radiation.

People have evolved over a span of many millions of years to live on Earth.It will be extremely difficult to survive on the moon or on Mars for a long time, let alone in the interstellar space.

We are simply not built to travel between the stars.

The distances are too large, our lives are too short, our life needs are tricky to fulfill between the stars and our bodies are too fragile.

No idea.Somewhere a time on pasting is not that easy. But I think it’s ever possible, simply because our knowledge and science are growing faster.

It also depends on politics and pressure.Have we made the Earth uninhabitable in the future?

Anyway, there are some ways to travel to the stars.A generation ship, a sled press chip, a data ship with artificial wombs and an AI.

There will certainly still be e.g. FTL drive, or teleportation, stargates, but that IMO is still too much fiction.

A generation ship is a ship that is huge and thus built in space or on a celestial body with little gravity or a meteorite out of it makes a ship of it.One will perhaps be hundreds or thousands of years on the road. This ship will essentially be a small town. And children of the children will arrive, 鈧?娄.

A sled press chip is a ship where all the settlers are in a cryogenic sleep.This ship can be much smaller than a generation ship.

And the last one data ship.A ship that flies with the help of Artificial intelligence or Android,… This ship contains all the info about human culture, science, a business bank, mold spores, seeds oocytes frozen. When a ship arrives almost, the artificial wombs can be bred and educated,…

Yes the distances in the space are huge, but not unovercompassionate.It is IMO likely that humanity is going to venture into such projects.

If you are interested in this topic then I recommend you to follow ISAAC Arthur on YouTube.

That can already be, only you have long been dead by the time you arrive.But to deal with it in a lifetime is unlikely to succeed. Unless we find enough exotic materials, to make the Alcubierre warp drive as 鈧?艙propulsion “possible and to use it.

Andromeda 鈧?”Milky Way collision-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Another galaxy is travelling to us.

In about 3.75 billion years, Andromeda will鈩?with the Milky Way 鈧?虄botsen 鈧? and then they will form together a 鈧?虄new galaxy with the creative name 鈧?虄Milkdromeda .If there are still people they will be able to experience the births of many new stars (if they have the time). Furthermore, there is outside our cluster, 鈧?虄the Local Group (sorry that I don’t know the Dutch names) little hope for travel to other galaxies, but besides these two 鈧?艙groten there are still a few small ones that we can basically get involved with.

It is already possible only the elite will not allow it to make this accessible to the normal citizen.A planet has been found with the exact same raw materials of our beautiful planet and NASA and other authorities have already launched a start to be able to move on here if the earth is exhausted so that life forms can no longer Exist. So traveling to another system is not scienfiction in contrast right, the technology is already there only it is not shared yet.

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