How does your day as a teacher in high school look like from the moment of awakening until you go to sleep? How is it at work? How late do you come home? What do you do at home in terms of check work? Do you take your work into the weekend?

When I was teaching, I first brought my daughter to the shelter and I usually drove on to where I taught.I didn’t have the first hour lesson, I did improvement work. After the last hour, which differed depending on my timetable, I went home and did my preparatory work, administrative tasks for school and further improvement work, drafting of tasks and tests, searching for film or sound fragments to be in the lesson Use, help my daughter with her homework, my then wife, who also taught, help with household chores, lay daughter in bed and relax for a few hours.

During the weekend I also had my hands full of work for school, just like during the school holidays.When there were two weeks of holiday, we went on a trip for a few days or a week during the first week. The second week there was again the necessary school work and we could spend time with our daughter.

During the summer holidays, a new course had to be made or a new handbook had to be viewed.But that’s where I always started during the last two weeks of the holiday.

The number of hours to speak in Belgium of a full-time timetable depends on which years you teach and at what level of education.I had a full-time timetable with 22 hours of teaching. There came with my courses combination Dutch-English-history and PAV and the administrative hassle at least the double number of hours of work for home.

My day starts with waking up, having breakfast and preparing my lunch.Than half an hour drive to my work. There I am usually between half 8 and quarter for 8. Then read and reply to the mail. Sometimes there are questions from students to check their work in the ELO (electronic learning environment) that I do sometimes too. Then I drink a cup of coffee around 8 o’clock with my colleagues in the coffee room. When the lessons start at half 9, I’m in the room well in time, that sometimes some tables are right, start the computer and pick up my stuff for the lessons. Sometimes I have the whole day to the classroom as in adult education BBL style and I am mainly guiding with assignments, coaching and rediscussing assignments. When I am working with the BOL students, I accompany them in the lessons and assignments in the ELO and I discuss assignments and teaching materials more classroom, because we are more concerned with the same. Sometimes I have practicals with the SPHERE and I am there to make the connection between theory and practice. If there are any keys, then it will be the reflection and the feedback, so I discuss more what students have learned and how the Methun development is. If I have a key, I have freed up space in my calendar to do that immediately, the students often have their grades the next day. That I am also involved in the ELO. Afijn no day the same, on Monday afternoon our meetings, which I prepared the week before. Just like the lessons I always reflect myself and then also adjust for the next week. My timetable runs for a period of 10 weeks about the same and then again a new period. Every last week of the period is a “Harvest Week”, then we have a study day for teachers, there is room for rechances and there is always a joint student day with a common theme over all the learning years and disciplines.

I usually go home for about 5 hours, then I don’t usually have much more to do.Sometimes I go home sooner and then I do what is on the computer in terms of preparation or check. Very sometimes I read the pieces for the Monday if I have not arrived. It is rather that I have lost the intermediate holidays during a period of time and certainly the summer holidays more free times to prepare me for the lessons and know what I want to do, to leave me assignments, if necessary rewrite or to scraping. Also the preparation in the ELO is such a job which I often do at home, so that the weather is ready for the new period, this is a bit more work, but then I have little work during the period.

So never one day the same and good planning and some experience and routine helps to make your work manageable.Search on time Help and at MBO it is a bit different from a high school with a tight program of review and Closure (PTA) where it is described how many allow to be given per course, but also that you can offer to watch what you have per Schoolj Is waiting for each period. At MBO, the profession is a closure and it also takes time, but you can already look ahead and you know for 80% what is to happen at the end of the school year. I think every experienced lecturer can indicate the peaks and valleys of the school year. A good agenda and time schedule makes it a lot easier. Also put the key figures in it and make sure there is room in your calendar to check this out.

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