How does it feel to speak multiple languages?

I feel empowered because I speak 4 languages.It’s also a bit of a struggle, because I wish I could speak them all as well as I speak my own mother tongue or English.

Sometimes it’s very tiring, it feels like your brain doesn’t want to work together.

People often ask me: in which language do you dream?

I really never remember in any language, my dreams are not quiet but also not in a specific (or existing) language.

And now I have to ask this question I saw on Quora: does the spirit need language to exist?

Speaking different languages sometimes feels confusing and sometimes powerful.It helps in many things, and I have a feeling that my personality has changed since I learned more languages.

I notice that in every language I have a different approach, another way of thinking, another intonation, even a different voice!All in all it is as if every new language brings a new personality to you.

A funny side effect of speaking multiple languages is that some words feel better in one language than the other, and that’s why my grocery list is multilingual!Green beans remain green beans, TOILET paper remains French: PQ.

Very very easy (convenient, 忙 -鹿 脛3/4 驴Fangbian), but at the same time for me very common, I grew up multilingual.

漏 One disadvantage: I am in no language perfect, see above, for example I have never enjoyed formal Dutch-speaking education, but this is the language I currently use most.

As ethnic Chinese in 鈧?虄t Indonesia from just after WW II born and raised as a son of an ophthalmologist (for which one had to master in 鈧?虄t Dutch Indi 鈧?虄t good English) we spoke at home Dutch, on the street Jakartaans Malay, our staff Spoke with M n parents and among themselves Javanese, so I understood 鈧?虄t also, in preparation of Chinese Elementary School on 4th year Chinese learned, at school Bahasa Indonesia learned, from the third grade elementary school (equivalent to the contemporary 5th group of the base School) English, needed to be able to study later, 鈧?虄t was as a child for us 鈧?艙no big deal 鈧?to be multilingual.Later also German to 鈧?虄t Goethe Institut (Mittelstufe to be able to obtain access to the university) in Bavaria did, seriously thought about studying in W. Germany, but I continued to study in Ghent and went to Amsterdam in 1966. We think in the language we speak, and exchange during a conversation of language as 鈧?虄t so convenient, or use words from another language that better describe an understanding or emotion. Handy right? Furthermore, 鈧?虄t is very useful for traveling, also Patients were very happy if I could appeal to them in their native language, promotes communication. Regret 鈧?虄t that I do not speak neither French nor Spanish, especially since we went to France on holiday two and three times a year with our children, and still do so without children, could not yield until I still worked. I’m now trying to expand my Chinese vocabulary with adult words through one to one private conversation lessons, harder if you passed the seventy. Master t Dutch, Indonesian, English and German good.

I feel free.

My first year in Belgium was really hard.I couldn’t understand anything at all and I had to ask for help for everything. Even buying bread in the bakery was hard for me. Some people may speak English but I do not think they were so satisfied with this situation.

My Dutch is still far from perfect but I can talk to people without too many problems.That is freedom for me. I am no longer dependent on so many people and I can have almost all kind of social interaction.

So I speak 3 languages daily.In the office and at home I usually speak Dutch. When I watch a movie or series, I use English. I am an active member of QuoraPT and I am only writing Portuguese there. Therefore, these 3 languages are all day in my head.

There is a detail anyway.I can hardly ever count numbers in Dutch. The logic of the numbers is still very difficult for me. I have to think 鈧?艙脙 漏 脙 漏 N-and-twintig 鈧?and not 鈧?艙twenty-and-脙 漏 脙 漏 N- 鈧?like in English or Portuguese and I still can’t do that.


Sometimes I hear clients (at work) around me who talk about me in Turkish.Then I give my opinion in Turkish. They are then stopped very quickly;)

Sometimes there are German customers who make faint remarks.Then it’s just plain to react in German and see the client transform Z n face.

Occasionally I simply can’t get German, so I don’t have to help disrespectful customers.

It has mainly at work, so its advantages to speak 4 languages.Feels Good B.


It feels good to be able to communicate with several people therefore I always find it very nice to learn a language and also very important.You can learn a lot from your fellow man and that is something very beautiful. I had heard a quote saying that if someone talks to a language he understands, it goes to his brain and when you talk to someone in his mother tongue it goes to the heart. Here I fully join, I have a few friends whose mother tongue is not Dutch, but when I talk to them in their mother tongue you immediately notice how they react. This is a very fine feeling.

Although lessons and courses can be very boring, you learn from it, but you can now easily learn a language on yourself with the Internet.I find this finer, this does not mean that it makes it easier, but you can keep track of your own progress and process as instead of school, which gives you stress because of keys for example.

I feel most comfortable in Dutch and English, I can easily communicate in both languages.I’m learning French at school and studying Hindi at home. I don’t feel so comfortable in speaking these languages yet, hopefully one day these two languages also feel just as familiar as Dutch and English:).

I don’t see myself as a “language master 鈧?鈩?or so, because I don’t always think it’s easy.But I like to learn a language and have (I think) reasonable goals and good motivation. That makes everything a lot easier!

I notice that I understand the world better because I speak 4 languages and can still follow and read a few reasonably.Different languages give new ways to interpret the world. Some ideas and words are not good to translate so my husband and I sometimes use more than one language at a time. (Mother tongue: english 鈧?娄 my accent is not to be read!)

I speak fluent 4 languages and am also proficient in Latin.

Languages open many doors and I am thankful that I have this gift to communicate with people!

It feels great.

I speak Dutch, English, French and Greek, my favorite language is Dutch.I wouldn’t change it for the world.

The three languages I speak (Dutch, English and German) I speak well enough to be able to live and survive in the countries where they are spoken.This actually feels good. I can explain myself in situations and also understand what is happening around me.

In fact, as a translator, I can (a little) make money with that I speak those languages.That feels even better.

I speak fluent Dutch (of course) English and German.I don’t really do anything special with it. So except that my life partner is English speaking, I rarely need to read subtitles on movies I don’t use that talent. It probably comes because I am more of a writer than a talker.

The strange thing is that for some reason I sometimes feel guilty when I hear how 鈧?虄the Worst of鈩?other people speak their languages that should do that professionally.Then I think 鈧?虄i should do something with it anyway . But when I think about what other facets belong to Zo N box, I am healed of it.

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