How does a black hole curve the space time, so that each individual direction leads to the singularity?

This is going to happen very weird, but it is the truth: once under the horizon of the black hole, swap space and time of place.So below the horizon you can only move in space as if it were a time dimension. Now, in time you can only get 1 single side: From past to future.No left, right, top or bottom. Therefore, something that enters the horizon will only shoot 1 single side: Direction singularity. The singularity lies in the future of every object that crosses the horizon. Any attempt to escape here accelerates your fall towards singularity.Because, as an astronaut your rocket rotates or turns, the nose always keeps pointing towards singularity.The singularity is always right in front of you. If you’re lighting your engines, you’ll go faster in that direction.

People who know English, and are interested in what is happening around and in a black hole, I can only recommend this book:black Holes and Time Warps-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia it does not contain mathematics at all but is written by an expert: Kip Thorne, who also Scientific adviser was for the film “Interstellar”.

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It is a difficult concept to contain, but in these extreme circumstances it may be best not to see “direction” as a path that you can walk freely, but an inevitable fate that you have to surrender.

Once past the observation horizon, matter can no longer escape the immense gravity of the black hole.The matter must and will eventually join the singularity. Space time is curved so that all possible directions come into the singularity. A direction that would move “away” from the singularity cut about as much wood as saying that you’re going to “travel to last Tuesday” (lost a moment of who I stole this beautiful quote).

So there is no more top, bottom, left, right, or backward.Only the inevitable (will we call that ‘ eternally ahead ‘?).

Just for clarity: there is nothing in reality like 鈧?艙space time 鈧?that is a human construction, a choice to Define space and time as relative and then merge them as if that is part of reality.The 鈧?艙krommen 鈧?of it is only possible on paper, a piece of algebra. So it is a great misunderstanding that whole general relativity, which gives theory 鈧?艙the worst of all accurate predictions about what we can observe on the greatest scales of reality.

Zo N bit everything we 鈧?艙scienti 鈧?and 鈧?艙not be able to scienti 鈧?about black holes coming from that general relativity rolls.

As far as this singularity is concerned, which supposedly would be deep within a black hole, so鈩?N singularity is impossible according to quantum mechanics.I want to leave it, just impossible. I can also do nothing to ensure that both branches of science each follow their own truth and no longer interfere with each other.

In short: There is no space time, so there is no curvature of it and a singularity simply cannot.

I hope I have answered you 鈧?艙Hoe 鈧?question adequately.

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