How do you write Dutchman, with small or big N? That also seems to change in terms of language rule every five years?

Dutchman.We are already a small country, if we also have to reduce ourselves, it will never be what.

The buttons of the language machine are rotated too much.I notice to myself that I am getting more and more resistance.

Tomorrow I’m going to bake pancakes.That’s what I feel like!

The word Dutchman you always write with a capital letter, it is the name of a people. [1

However, supporters or members of religions and other currents you write with a lowercase letter. [2 that is why you write Jews with lowercase instead of big letter, because they are equated with Muslims, Hindus and so on and not with Dutch.But if you mean Jews as a people, or with capital letters. This also applies to the Muslims in the former Yugoslavia, for example. [3

You also write umbrella names of ethnic groups with a lowercase letter such as Indians, Mestifers,[4 and so on.For people who do not know, the word mestizo mainly means people of mixed European and Native American origin. [5

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This has been written with a capital letter for a long time.I don’t believe it was ever different.

Unlike in French, where it is with a lowercase letter.

The spelling rule has not changed: geography names and derivatives are written with a capital letter.
The exception to this is if the geography name is no longer used as a geography name.A good example is the word Bordeaux/Bordeaux, where the first is used to indicate the region it the second can be used in the phrase “a good glass of Bordeaux” (wine).

It is capitalized.I can still remember the language lessons at school, and then I was taught that all countries and including their derived words are capitalized.

So the country itself you write with a capital letter, and the derived word thereof as well.


Belgium/a Belgian

Netherlands/A Dutchman

France/A Frenchman or French (who was difficult-here I had to think about it-my first impulse was to write “Frenchman”, but I then wondered how one refers to the feminine variant (well, you logically speak of a ” Fran莽aise “or a French-haha)

If you see the names spelled with a lowercase letter, you may assume that the person who wrote it so does so for convenience or is unaware of the fact that according to the rules it is actually written with a capital letter.

List of people’s names-Wikipedia

It’s kinda funny: The German language is known to have capitalized all the nouns.But German are adjectives for countries or languages without capital letters:

Those Niederl盲ndische Sprache.Those Franzsische Kuche.

But Niederl盲nder is a noun, so it is written with a capital letter.

I have wondered that question, but if I write the Dutchman without a capital letter, a capital letter automatically comes out.

I think it’s true because the word Netherlands is in it.

And you also write German with a capital letter!

The language rule is actually quite simple: names of specific population groups, their compositions and distractions you always write with a capital letter.

The Dutchman, the Flemings, the American population, but also the Viking ship, the Mayan culture, the Mayan descendant, etc.

Dutchman retains its initial capital letter!Ol茅!

If you want to know everything about the Dutch spelling, it is enough (now it’s really too late to look it up: whether or not to find it online) 18 chapters Counting guide, which you can see at the Very FRONT of the Green booklet from outside To learn.He counts 104 pages (excluding the academic addendum).

Compared to the edition of 2005, nothing has changed the rules.The number of words is only extended.

Do!Keeps your brain fresh.

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