How do you use the Internet to treat yourself without becoming hypochondrially?



Medical treatment should be through a physician.If it is not a doctor, then it is not a medical treatment. So if you really have some, and you want what is done about it, then you should really go to a doctor for treatment.

What I do very regularly is (before) research.I have Ehlers Danlos syndrome (EDS), a disease of the connective tissues, and very severe chronic fatigue. Does that fatigue work with the EDS? NO IDEA.

Maybe.Maybe partly.

So my fatigue always remains a source of research.Every now and then I dive in again. Then I look at the latest state of affairs. Then I find that there are people who have tried something, I read their stories, and see if it could apply to me.

Well, Hypochondrisch?That’s a matter of forcing yourself to be honest. Hypochondrian people have a mental problem: they are not up to life, and hide behind illnesses so that they do not have to. They look for validation, so that everyone is constantly confronted that they are sick and therefore cannot and that their lives do not seem to be anything.

People with an invisible disease are also often called hypochondric. That is not to say that we are too.If there is no obvious cause for something that you are manking, it is rather logical that you keep searching. Duh. That is then not a matter of Hypochondrian, but from 鈧?艙i am sick and I want to know why. 鈧?p>

That dividing line is zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer grey and hard to see, and certainly from the outside.

Women in particular are soon seen as hypochondrically.The invention 鈧?艙conversiestoornis 鈧?is also an expression of this. For conversion disorder We were just hysterical (suffering from having a womb, literally!).

I read a few days ago the story of a transgender man who since he presents himself as a man to the world is suddenly taken seriously with complaints to the doctor.Previously he was sent away, now he is listened to. And it’s a fact that women get less often and smaller amounts of pain relief (and if you’re not white it’s already very much).

Anyways, lol, hope side roads, but all good things to keep in mind.

My theory is that if you are a apprehensive for Hypochondrie, then you have not.Indeed, for people with hypochondria, it is not a question. People with hypochondria are sick. They do not wonder if they are hypochondrian.

As an outsider, it is difficult to judge that in another, but you can do that of yourself.

If you ask yourself the question: Am I a hypochonder?Then the answer is no.

How do you do that research then?

  1. You look on sites of patientenassociations.
  2. You look at sites of hospitals, universities.

There are many more sites, of course, but you have to be more cautious about this:

  • If the site offers information but also sells a product, then you should be very wary of that information.

If that information is not found on the page s mentioned under 1 and 2, then you better not use that information;

  • If non-medical treatments are recommended (yes, Bleach kills cancer; bleach kills you too.
  • No, magnets cannot make you healthy. ETC.)

  • If the site of 脙 漏 脙 漏 N is an individual who praises a product for another site (or several);
  • If the site is poorly written, has a lot of spelling mistakes, has medical terms wrong and is intertwined: if those basic things are not correct, how do you know that their information is correct?
  • Look at multiple Page s.
  • Do you find information on one page? For mourning that;

  • Does a page refer to a survey?
  • Try to find that research again. Sometimes you find that this research is Kul and poorly executed;

  • If in doubt: wonder what the purpose of the site is. A doctor who says that IE is fantastic and has already healed a lot of people through bath salts and sprinkles is less reliable than a site that denounces quacks and says that that Doctor is a quack and does so and there really sensible things Says about it.
  • Some skeptical sites take the whole research forward and then show how the site that cites or has done the research renders the information misleading or simply lying and deceiving.

  • Are Skeptical .
  • Are absolutely skeptical. If it sounds too good to be true, then it is very likely too.If it is brought as very simple, then it is probably not true, because if it was so simple, then real doctors had found and used it for a longtime. If, like me, you live in third world countries, it is only useful to view websites like WEBmd or the Mayo clinic before going to a hospital or doctor.

    There hypochondria has nothing to do with it (as it is mentioned below in a comment)

    I live in remote areas in developing countries where they are sometimes so happy with the old MRI scanner from the first world that they even for an aggravated only you already by Zo n want to push scan with all the bills and costs of it.

    So it’s helpful to see what you can expect when you consult a doctor.

    I left in the Philippines a very large cyst to remove my mind.In The country Clinic The doctor really had no idea how he was going to tackle that. That I cut off though, was his answer, and when I asked to draw it he pulled a circle around the cyst (which was as big as a golf ball) and that was his solution. On the question of how to close the wound, he was evasive and watched his watch.

    When I went to a doctor later in a university hospital, he drew up exactly what I found on the internet, and explained how he closed the wound and how many stitches he thought he needed.

    So it has nothing to do to make hypochondria, but everything with preparation.And increase your own knowledge.

    In Many countries where I come, you can buy antibiotics as if they are headache tablets.You go for a cough to the pharmacy they say: Take antibiotics. While you just want a thyme syrup.

    So your medical knowledge jacking something up using the Internet is in some cases very convenient and sensible.

    Even in the Netherlands, where, despite very good training and knowledge, time often plays a big role and accounts can be enormous because there is no good listening or being watched.Asking the right questions with a doctor can help tremendously. And you can often find these questions via the Internet.

    For example, I had to control my cervix for my 鈧?虄wrong鈩?every three months, and every three months a Pap smear was made which was not compensated, and that pressed heavily on my budget.It was almost my bankruptcy. When I asked why that was done every time and how quickly zo n tumor can develop, the answer was: we do it for care, standard treatment and it can take a lot of years before there is cancer developed.

    I then said that fewer Pap smears were also OK, and the doctor agreed with me.That was a lot of money for me.

    Ultimately, you are responsible for your body and well-being, also in the Netherlands.

    It is mainly about home remedies against flu and colds.

    When I had hepatitis C I could find a lot of information about the disease and when there was a drug I could use I could find very precise information about the drug.Just the information for doctors. That was all very enlightening.

    With a cold and pneumonia, I have also thought ‘ it would not be a lung cancer? ‘, because it is also poorly visible on a photograph (according to the internet).So with a kind of hysterical cough keep walking, but later I forgot and also did not bother anymore.

    I like to give the Internet very good information.You can already diagnose well before you go to a doctor. There is also a good indication of what symptoms you can walk through and with which you urgently need to go to a doctor. You can tell the doctor clearly why you have come.

    By reading in advance you are more of an equal of the Doctor and you can have a better conversation.

    If you are going to buy a couch or car, you will not tell the seller 鈧?艗what appears to be the best choice, without immersing you in the possibilities.Your own body Is not much more important than a couch or a car.

    I doubt if you could ever diagnose yourself via the Internet itself and treat it for more than BVB.A Koutje. Internet is often a bad counselor, one finds Abusivelijk: chest pain > Myocardial infarction, headache > Brain tumor, while in most cases it is not so.

    People with a little knowledge, eg.Medical students, pupil nurses, often suffer from the candidate disease. Read medicine student is potential hypochondriac and…

    So a little knowledge can make people somewhat hypochondriac.

    It does not matter that there are many especially English-language websites where they give the readers a very good education about a disease, often from Patients associations (Diabetes ver., Hart St., Long St.), or renowned clinics such as the Cleveland Clinics, de Mayo Clinics etc.

    In my opinion, you should already be hypochondrian to take care of yourself via the Internet 鈧?虄鈩?We have very well trained and exceptionally professional (home) doctors. The measly self-key can unpack well, but also very wrong. Just, go to the doctor. Then you will not become 鈧?虄hypochondrisch .

    Using the Internet to find a treatment can be dangerous without guidance.

    It is advisable to always visit a GP and then be redirected by that GP.

    The problem with the information you find on the Internet, us that you do not know who has put it online and whether or not it had any other intention than merely giving information.Also, you’re not sure, whether the information is correct or not.

    If you have found information through a search engine, keep searching until you know for sure that the information is correct. If you can’t find out, believe what you’re reading until you’ve spoken to a deskubant/doctor.

    I have a very regular life and do in my meditation also with some regularity an exercise involving my whole body 鈧?艙scan 鈧?Because of this I often know where something 鈧?艙weird/Anders 鈧?feels. I am not going to worry about that, because my thoughts can make this a huge dragon.
    Usually it is an emerging cold or flu and if I have it in time it usually drops pretty well.

    Because I am aware of my body I feel weird things.And then shoot thoughts through my head. Often there is a reason why things feel different, usually a deviation in my life rhythm. Today still: forget to eat bread (alarm clock not on-5:30 awake-hurry-bread in the bag and forget). And around 11:30 all complaints where you can directly order your coffin when searching the Internet. Just the body needs some energy…

    If I am worried I call the GP and I am not going to play doctor myself.
    I am not trained for that.

    The Internet is a highly unreliable source of information.As seemed you do not know well the nonsense of the sentence to distinguish. So just go to the (house) doctor with complaints.

    By not visiting more than 1 website, and opting for reliable and independent information from your doctor that is a professional, and approved website where you will find good information.

    Look no further, because usually you have within about 4 mouse clicks Cancer….

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