How to Update a Raised Ranch

  1. Update the home’s front entry.
  2. Extend the garage forward to create additional living space where the existing garage is located.
  3. Install a deck onto the back of the home.
  4. Install landscaping to add interest to the exterior of the home.

Is a raised ranch considered 2 stories?

Two-story versions

The raised ranch is a two-story house, in which a finished basement serves as an additional floor. For a house to be classified as a raised ranch, there must be a flight of steps to get to the main living floor—if not, it is just a bi-level house.

Also asked, how do you add to raised ranch?

Addition Ideas for a Raised Ranch House

  1. Extra Floor. If you live in a small raised ranch, one of the best ways to add an adequate amount of additional space is to simply add an extra floor to the house.
  2. Additional Master Suite. In some cases, adding an additional master suite to a home serves as an effective and useful addition.
  3. Sun Room.
  4. Kitchen Addition.

What is a raised ranch floor plan?

A raised ranch is a one-story home built with a split-level entry on top of a raised foundation. It consists of two levels separated by stairs. The upper level contains the bedrooms, kitchen, living, and dining rooms. The lower level is a finished basement.

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What is the difference between a split level and a raised ranch?

Bi-Level, if you enter and can go up or down. Raised ranch is where the entry is on the main/upper level, and a garage is in the basement. Side to side split is when you walk in the main front door, and can go up or down to other levels from the side.

What does a split level house look like?

A split-level home (also called a tri-level home) is a style of house in which the floor levels are staggered. There are typically two short sets of stairs, one running upward to a bedroom level, and one going downward toward a basement area. A bi-level includes two short sets of stairs and two levels.

Simply so, how do you update the outside of a raised ranch?

How to Update the Exterior on a Raised Ranch

  1. Look through websites, books and magazines and learn more about Raised Ranch exterior design.
  2. Analyze the existing exterior and visualize what the new exterior will look like.
  3. Remove dated architectural elements.
  4. Add a fresh coat of paint or new siding to the exterior.
  5. Replace the windows.

Can you add a level to a raised ranch?

If you live in a single floor ranch, a raised ranch, cape or even a two story home you can add a new level.

Are split level homes worth less?

During their heyday, split-level homes cost less to build, which helped to lead to their popularity. They provided spacious square footage like larger homes, but occupied a smaller footprint. Today, split-level homes tend to be harder to sell, which could make them priced a little lower in the right market.

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Secondly, what does a raised ranch house look like?

A traditional ranch style home translates to mean a single level of living space. A raised ranch is one type of bi-level home design. The true test of a raised ranch style house is entering the front door and then having to climb a set of stairs to access the living area of the house.

How do you modernize an old house?

19 Frugal (And Easy) Ways to Update an Old Home

  1. Add an Architectural Mailbox. Our house is at the end of a street with the mailbox right out front.
  2. Paint the Front Door. A new front door can cost a few hundred dollars or more.
  3. Paint Shutters.
  4. Hide Ugly Utilities.
  5. Replace Front Porch Light.
  6. Housewash.
  7. Slash and Burn.
  8. Install Bathroom Floor Tile.

What is the point of a split level house?

Split Level House

The lower level provided a family room or “rumpus room” for play, games, television viewing and other family activities. This style of home afforded the maximum amount of living area without requiring a large lot area, and was cost-effective for both builders and buyers, according to AntiqueHome.