How do you try to develop yourself and how much time do you consciously spend on self-development?

You can develop yourself everywhere and in many ways; I love cars vb. So I still read a lot of books about cars, mostly technical, do internet searches to better understand certain things and novelties. And searches, how and where you hit parts.I’m still constantly working with “auto”. How the car works, how it is combined and how it evolved over time. A word car: is a huge learning area, look at brakes: In the past, every brand had its own braking system, which itself was developed into a good working part. The car is full of parts. Of course I have several cars, and want to know exactly how each different car is together, how the parts work, to be able to repair them. And you’re constantly working on that, car is always in my head.

Car had nothing to do with my daily work.

I develop myself by studying and analysing other people and that is a day job in time.

At the moment I’m sitting in a personal jail (or sat) I’ve gotten it so far that I don’t need anything but to do groceries and lamballs in addition, the manic depression that I am now recognizing doctrine and the chronic lack of self-esteem that I have on Data… but the walls don’t just come to me they’re talking there now too…

Luckily me holiday money binne so bag packed and walked from Nijmegen to Arnhem with an overcrowded bag, shoulders broken legs broken but also the idea that it I do not exist smashed, just ff out the comfort zone and toil I have slept luxury under a bridge so I FF What else do you feel than hate when you get up after Vogeltjus tis Nirvana at a given moment… so I try to develop myself by doing things interacting with other people I am by an older lady from other circles brought away conclusion not Everyone has prejudices, I had a bag just as heavy as my own weight with cutting tires, adjusting and dissolving at one time Ducttape Dr at there I learn again from that I can still think and that I am not stupid because tis solved (important).. ECT I wish I could better clear out what I mean but tis healthy to continue working on your own development but withmate like drink exaggerate has Zn’s own set of problems

‘, ‘ I actually make a distinction between developing yourself and self-development.
A.You develop yourself: by asking everything and keeping the why question to stay, all your life long.
But also to want to understand and know everything.
I look for interesting Youtubes every night to watch/listen to that evening.Then I search for other Youtubes to substantiate this.
B.Self-development: is a self-reflection on what you have done, does or would like to do and learn from it. And develop from here back to your self.
A.I am permanently involved in the problems with A.O. employers and contractors of working at my home. I ask their question, method of working.
B.Every night when I’m in bed and the day overflow. I am fortunate to remember my dreams about problems, so I usually have a reflection moment in the morning.

“,” To develop myself I read the Bible daily, I pray, meditate, I read other books than the Bible, I listen to sermons and other things.

I am mainly committed to growing in my consciousness and subconscious, which has made God’s word my internalized spirit and life.

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