How do you tell people you’re smart without sounding arrogant?

That’s pretty hard, I think. Why would you want to say that?Maybe not so clever? Maybe better to just let it turn out. Protects you from being a passion. It could just be that the other is even smarter than you.

[Edit: Just as explicitly mentioned that in my opinion, I don’t just tell people to sit from nowhere…

You will not let myself, in any conversation, suddenly yield that you are smart anyway.But it may come up, and then the following applies:

  1. I am not modest about my analytical capacity, but I do not think that is a merit whatsoever; I do not have to do anything about it, and I would like to say that, if that is the case.

More importantly; It happens to me that I find it unfair that everything will a bit, while others have had to work out of the seam, or still do.

  • Being smart is one thing.
  • Having a good deal with it is a second, and in it I am not always as good. But I am now at an age (61) that I get it so sweeteners by beginning. But here too, some modesty applies: my mother was much better at it, and it never got as old as I am now, so there is still work to be made. If the people themselves are smart they will get back soon enough.People who assign themselves of everything, I never find that interesting. First seeing then believing, is the credo of Menigen, I am in this area.

    Smart is also only relative.I’m smart enough not to put my fingers in the socket and every now and then I make an alien remark that others like brilliantly. I know that I have made a thousand of those remarks and there are only three real countries (good enough), but they do not remember the others.

    I’m smart in the field of quick response, I can think of things that sound logical and always end up somewhere that the other one thinks ‘ gosh-so I hadn’t watched it yet. ‘ Or that’s clever, who knows.It’s mainly a tactic that you can use in millions of situations to your advantage.

    That’s smart, is it really that important?As far as I am concerned, everyone excels in something. Put me next to a beautician and I corpse a complete edge debiel.
    I can better hijack than format (and make it Beautiful).I’m practical and I can think of a solution for everything. I am therefore particularly concerned about this and not with what I cannot do.

    Cleverly he knows what he’s good at and uses!

    ‘, ‘ Why would you want to tell them?Do you feel like they think you’re stupid? Then there are two scenarios:

    1. You are indeed stupid.

    By holding your mouth you save yourself a decline.

  • You’re smart anyway.
  • In that case, you have the advantage of the surprise at the moment you can show it. “,” I notice that I already know the answer to things before the questioner has completed his question.

    I once had a manager and had to teach me to wait 3 seconds after his question to give him the idea I thought about it.

    So my problem is that I have to pretend to be less clever because people think that I am otherwise biased.So yes I would like to know the answer to this question…

    They’ll notice that if you do, intelligence can be difficult to hide.Even a layman at cafe last weekend saw it in me.

    If you are going to tell people how clever you are, then you prove the contrary.That is not so clever to do.

    By saying what you are so clever about, your speciality

    It should turn out your behavior, possibly from your work/studies.Why is it necessary to remind other people? That always want to bring to the attention does not testify of social intelligence.

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