How do you start a political party?

On your own, that won’t succeed.Actually, it’s like a business, but it’s normally non-profit-making.

You must have someone who knows the rules of the game in politics.You also need to comply with those rules (for example, when establishing and campaigning). Information about this is on government websites.

You have to have someone who keeps the finances.And someone, who regulates, that the party’s coffers are lawfully filled. A treasurer.

But also someone, who can organidecorate things, can motivate people.

You need someone who is speaking the press.That the Kann are the same as the one, which the public must go to reach (see below).

You have to develop a political ideology, you can also use it.

It also helps, if you can reach the voters (PR, advertisements, airtime for political parties, gatherings, etc.)

And so there are more things to think about, before you start and after you have started.

Let’s see:

  1. Google ‘ ‘how to start a political partiJ ‘
  2. Click the first result :
    After reading two sentences I find that I have to register with this link
  3. Read the FF website and

Download the registration Form
2.See that there is a deposit of 450 euro

  • In This form you will see what I need to fill In, send and where to go.
  • Below is a further explanation and a telephone number if you need help. To begin with, a certain charisma is needed.I do not know how the Lords of Wilders or Baudet have begun their theirs. Several persons who have started their own party have first “internship” in another party, have later broken with that party and have started for themselves.

    Find people who have a similar purpose and mindset.
    Unite them. Make sure they are integer, not opportunistic.
    Pronounce rules and participation.Set up a board and register your party.

    But also look that there is sufficient foundation for your ideas, and that there is a basis.

    The very first thing you can do to develop your own initiative and not ask in a forum what you can easily find on the Internet.The second thing you do so is Googling on “starting political party”. Then you click on one of the links and you are going to read it thoroughly. If you’ve done that, you’re already on your way.

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