How do you set up your Netherlands for over 20 years?

20 years is not that long.If I look at 20 years ago then things existed like cell phones, Internet, right populists, politically correct lefts, increasing prudery and environmental nuisance all already. In 20 years, most of these things will still exist. The one which is stronger, the other less strong. New trends may occur unexpectedly.

Perhaps the generation that is still in diapers is going to stand out against the generation of their parents, the prudish snowflakes that live in their smartphones, and the clothes of the body, their mobiles and a great risk of real life Enjoy.

I think if we continue, or a leftist totalitarian state, or a right-wing totalitarian state.Both left and right in recent years is really ridiculous far. Then one and over the VVD, and I know, lie after lie, but they remain sober and realistic and do not cause too great heisa. I do not want to see Klaver or Baudet as the Dutch MP.

Furthermore, climate change is likely to provide a higher water level, thus more cost to protect us from the high water.In 20 years, people may be walking in such fateful trousers.

In 20 years, we may be getting hairdressers who cut our pubic hair.

Who knows. In 20 years, numerous climate laws will be tied to the Dutch population, whether or not they are real. Given the climatic conditions not a bad idea, but hopefully somewhat subsidized. Over 20 years I believe that even more people are sitting on their mobile phone.

In 20 years, you may not be able to touch other people without signing a contract (probably though, quietly though). In 20 years, many technological developments will have taken place compared to now. What I look forward to is the James Webb Telescope which will be the space for a long time, to give us even more details and information about our universe.

In 20 years, you may be able to go to work in New York City with the Hyper loop within an hour, one and a half.

In 20 years, we will have to continue to cling as an export country in the world industry, just as we have been doing for centuries.

Naja, we see well…

Blub, Blub, blub 鈧?娄

Fuller and busier, much more eco-friendly, unfortunately also with even less old and unspoiled nature because people with attitudes that are at odds with mine also have a lot of influence.

Explosively interlocking cancers that, however, can often be combated quickly with increasingly sophisticated methods.

Even less overview in society than now, with more sudden bursts of violence by unrooted clutters and individuals.More gated communities, grassland supermarkets, nuclear power plants and absolute paupers without a permanent residence and domicile.

In addition, reservations with determined idealists that make up beautiful new world within their borders.

Androids that take on a lot of work, turn nano robots on and off in your body genes and an intense monitoring of deviant people, a stronger conformism, enforced by the uncertainty in society as a whole.

Many people who are 120 or older, but against pecuniary or other conditions; A safety net for the unfortunate remains, but the Netherlands is becoming more of a meritocracy than it is now.

To zover 鈧?娄


  • We Order all our groceries online and have them delivered to the front door.

What we are already doing, but a little more environmentally polluting. I can see the buses of the AH grocery delivery all over the place.

  • Kassa s are replaced with self-scanning equipment.
  • You already have that in the AH, but I think this will be more applied.

  • Communicate?
  • Mainly online. Everything online. Even worse than now.

  • Kids who can no longer write on paper.
  • Well via tablets etc. I had to write to each other in elementary school with fountain pen! The horror. No such an old soul, I am not that I would like to bring it back.

  • Students all to the 鈧?虄study Pil .
  • It exists. Doesn’t seem to really work. Sit in Caffeine, so of course you get an energy Kik of it for 30 minutes.

  • 鈧?虄Social Media Influencer is an everyday job.
  • Is it already being just getting worse.

  • I know that the Randstad does not include the Netherlands.
  • But for me as Amsterdam I will see Amsterdam and surroundings colors. It becomes even more multicultural. This is how it goes throughout the Netherlands. This is going to be a lot of strubbling. Right is not happy and left goes against it. It will not be more peaceful.

  • Zwarte Piet will no longer be black Piet in 20 years.
  • For the good or for the bad. I leave that to you.

  • In 20 years we will still have the Nexit discussion.
  • People like Anne Fleur Dekker, without any knowledge or specialism, will meet all sorts of talk shows.
  • And give their opinion unquestioned.

  • The housing market is flat.
  • Pity for our children. Crooked tenants are not tackled now and not either. Cottages Melkers either. Investors will therefore ensure that starters do not come to a house for sale. The government will not do much else than now.

  • Every now and then there is a crazy escape from an institution Den Dolder.
  • And they will also then say to take drastic measures.

  • I, on the other hand, over 20 years?
  • I will look fresh and fruity;) Cough cough. I still live in Apeldoorn, but it is now called 鈧?虄Apeldoorn to Zee .

    The Netherlands has become a lot fuller, because all those refugees from North and South Holland have all come to our side.But alas, full is full, so we have all of them 鈧?虄slot in refugee camps. This has been the Hague policy on refugees for decades, so we do not understand that the Hagenezen is complaining. They could have remained in their own province anyway? However, the majority of the West Dutch people now live in Turkey, Morocco and Poland.

    Groningen has now fallen into a large hole (a little too much natural gas) and Friesland has now been separated from Europe and forms together with Walloni脙 芦and Lichtenstein the 鈧?虄League of Free Landen .

    Geography has become a lot easier in school.You have Gelderland, Brabant (at least another piece), Limburg, Overijssel and Drenthe.

    The newspaper notices still regularly that Brexit is not quite around yet, that Wilders as President of Morocco wants to put all the Dutch out of the country (once an opportunist always an opportunist) and Donald Trump still with his militia occupied the White House Keeps.

    In short, nothing new under the sun.

    Here the Onsalvation Prophet Speaks… I see the Netherlands/Europe over 20 years just even closer to the big European civil war… Every fool can see that Europe is now flooded by Fortune seekers (I am the first to give those lazy alike!!) from Africa and the Middle East in particular.These “culture-enriching” (which fool is such a word?!) will not be able to adapt to modern 21st century cultures in Europe. In the end there will be too much to come and this-fear I will have…-A terrible civil war. I d茅nk that the old Europeans will win that in the end. But then… Can we again count millions of deaths and the continent is again for half a century in ruins… I Ha 鲁 that history will give me wrong…

    Everywhere graffiti on the walls and chewing gum on the pavement, dirty air, sea level is dozens of meters…

    As one of the United States of Europe

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