How do you relax?

My mother-in-law can knit undisturbed hours.

She is extreme Zen,

My wife is able to sleep around the clock at bouts.

Full Zen.

My sons can eat an ice cream in silence for 5 minutes on the couch.


Sebastian is usually more difficult to rest:

I can’t knit.

I sleep the clock often but hemisphere, and then I really have to look.

And from ice creams I become thick.

My wife recently asked me if I wanted to wean weed again.The whole neighbourhood was about the state of our front and side garden.

I had managed to postpone this 7 years, but it was indeed time again.

So on my knees, with an potato peel knife, the weeds cut away between the tiles…

The first hour I cursed myself,

The second hour Still,

But the third hour I came to rest.Reasonable Zen. I really did not experience anything like that.

I also suddenly understood my mother-in-law better.

Repetitive simple acts on autopilot.It is spirit-killing, but apparently brings peace to your head.

Like Quora User: sleep.

Lately I have developed a fascination for good bed linen.So I bought three sets of a certain (good) brand. It’s the first time I spent so much money in bed linen and it makes a difference. My bed is beautiful. The cotton is of high quality. It feels nice, and that helps me.

But actually I’m not a sleeper.I have too many things in my head to just decide to go to sleep when I get tired beginning. I won’t go to bed until I can’t keep my eyes open anymore. I wear my favorite pajamas or nightgown (which I gather too), and I lie on my side, embrace my kisses, and rub my feet together.

But this is only if I’m lucky.Until I can fall asleep, I read, write, I talk to my friends, I hook, or I overthink everything. Rest is not easy to me.

I really don’t know how to turn off my ponder and therefore I sleep up to 5 or 6 hours a night.

If I had a partner, sex would help, as someone else indicated it.I miss this. And the more loner my nights are, the less peace and tranquility I find.

So yes, make for a nice house, for a nice bed, and in theory also for a ‘ nice ‘ partner.

Make a litter.

Drawing, if I pack my pen, pencil or brush and start sketching, my heart rate goes down and my mind empties from the silly days of the day.I used to have the same effect with jogging or cooking, but drawing I find much more pleasant. I love the movements, the materials, the smells of ink, the drawing room with the desk lamp. A small safe quiet world.

Realize that not the whole world is dangerous, that there are also nice people.

Realize that I may be there.

If that is complete, only then can I relax.How do I relax?

Read a book on the couch, look at the beautiful plants in my house (I do this all day long), enjoy the signals that spring is, enjoy music, enjoy some food and drink in a warm, cosy caf茅 with a familiar person.Sniff the outside air and look around me. Be satisfied with myself. Mindfulness brings me to rest.

It is a little to me where the unrest comes from.Each ‘ source ‘ requires a different kind of ‘ clearance ‘.

That helps a healthy sleep pattern should be paramount.I do not think I have to mention that. It speaks for itself.

Furthermore, I have built-in default moments for me-time.
On Monday evening, for example, Standard is ‘ my ‘ evening.For my husband idem ditto-he loads differently than me, he gamed that night with his friends, I usually just relax. A hot shower, read a book afterwards, with the cats hugging, because they always come with me or sit then. A low-stimulus evening and then on time to bed.

In fact I have enough to do this, but I sometimes read about that same evening when I was very busy.Usually I just go on feeling ‘ where do I have the most need for ‘-I then get a reply and I do so immediately. Yesterday I noticed to myself that I was completely full, I needed a glass of bubbles and a stupid series. My husband, who didn’t feel that much for that, and that’s fine.

My husband and I (and our son) all experience the same about stimuli so in our relationship there is understanding and space when someone says ‘ I need ‘.
Then we know ‘ that is something that needs to be taken seriously ‘.Everyone knows how difficult it is to say ‘ I don’t pull this out ‘. You do not want to hurt others, so we have agreed that if someone uses those words that are always taken seriously and that they have nothing to do with ‘ I don’t feel like you ‘ but rather with ‘ I need something ‘ and that you want the one you love Oon give:)

Very simple.I come to rest in nature. Far away from all the noise of the city.

Definitely not by sleeping like C茅line and Peter.Ok maybe a bit, physically then.

But if you ask “How do you come to rest”, I will take that question more about my psychological well-being, “How do you get mentally calm” or, “How are you calm”.

I am a person who likes to move, but I have a sedentary profession.I find various matters important to rest after a long working day , almost a ritual:

  • Preferably I walk back home.

That’s a walk of just over 20 minutes and I sometimes take a detour. In the past I walked 45 minutes a day by default, but now I’m living closer.

  • When I am at home I join my Home Office, hour long OIDs.
  • Then I watch a series on Netflix, make a start to a movie, play a game on my PC and sometimes I sit a bit on Quora, Reddit, Dumpert etc.

  • If it’s my turn to cook, or if my wife just doesn’t feel like it, I’ll dive into the kitchen and make something delicious.
  • I find cooking very relaxing. All Zen. I do an apron, clean up the kitchen a little, cut some vegetables and sometimes go completely loose. All that with a nice music at the moment I’m in a blues phase.

    After dinner I often go back to a bit of gaming and I always try to have an hour or 45 minutes before bedtime in any case the computer screen no longer for me to have and another occupation to look for.That could be a walk, a good book, or music, for example.

    Once I hit my pillow I sleep, since I wake up by default around 5 o’clock half 6 (without alarm clock), I try not to do that too late.

    Nature gives me peace.

    Walking in the woods or walking on the beach helps me to relax.