How do you recognize bulimia?

I only came into contact with female bullimists.
My guess: Bullimists are secret ramps who want to be the best, but don’t want to be alone on stage.They want to win, but they need at least 20 people to do what they want and find everything they want great and pretend that they are all a homogeneous, equal community. With them as asterisks at the top.
Anorexia is food avoidance, bullimie is eating attack & subsequent gastric emptying before the body can digest everything.
It makes sense to enjoy everything, but don’t let the fat start.The fact of the unpleasant jokes is hidden.
You can’t recognize bulimia except for a emaciated figure because the users are very smart.They joke practiced at the push of a button and silently.
What can happen: They become arrogant because they have a better grip than others.They compliment one’s own figure regarding the great shapes (but find themselves hornier). They don’t tell you for years that they “have this problem,” because thinning is more important.

It is only when they need emotional attention and nothing else is fruitful that this point is put on the scale.

You sometimes get problems with teeth (stomach acid) and with the mineral balance (spotty fingernails).They are irritable, and hungry for life. Some like to play “bestimmer”, ringleaders and like to take revenge. Emphasize, however, that their whole environment would always be so much better/further/great. Are then whiny. If something doesn’t work out, they want to throw everything away. They sometimes have complexes when a belly forms and want to hide it. Words that everything about them is good/normal are abruptly cut off – fashionable advice/additional offer for variation is useless. (But they find themselves in their style anyway).

You are the born expert who, even after this time, is still familiar with everything physically.The earlier the trigger for this was in life, the more latent struggle between perpetrator/victim role …

Redemption: Moments at equal eye level, from soul to soul, rivallessness, enjoying femininity/masculinity without fear of being weak, being at the mercy of being exploited, being wrong as you are, degenerating.Omits the dominance games, whether subtly through denial of contact or aggressively aggressive. Sport (attention ergeiz) and play in the dirt/garden. Love & care for animals. Contact with people. Board games (alternating winners). Find and promote your own talent, which is independent of the figure. Learn to speak freely, sing, show things. Surround yourself with normalos as well as with sizes/personalities to feel different perspectives.
You can’t really do anything yourself except to be extremely honest as possible without being spared and not to get involved in hierarchical level assignments.