How do you put a stop to a big ego?

It might help to find out what the function of an ego is.
I will never say that I have no ego.My ego is a kind of lined Dobermann pinscher. With an emphasis on a leash (and a dog is not even such a big animal;)) but on a very energetic day she could just look like Joan of Arc. It’s just what fits best. However, I reduced the basic form of my ego to a dog, because that was the easiest way for me to work with it.

Previously, I had no control over this dog, with the result that he even attacked me!Nice and nice if he comes up for you when you are attacked, but you don’t want to be that when your friends get over the floor he also struggles.

I was just scared in my own home.Figuratively than eh. Everything is figuratively.
At the time when I noticed that beast was no longer going to the real I listened, I realized that something had to happen.Surely I am the boss of my life. I do not want to be such a owner, dragged by his dog over the street. I mean ‘ who will let who out? ‘

Luckily I looked a lot Cesar Milan.Of this I learned that the behavior of the owner is decisive for how the dog behaves. Logical. So also with the ego-it is part of you, a mechanism and it responds to how you feel. I soon realised that I did not like my boss at all. I took no direction at all about what I thought and felt. I just let it come over me and was completely seized, with the result that that dog was actually neglected, but worse, there was no sight on what he actually did because I didn’t watched him.

It was of course not so said so done.How to get a dog with the size of a T-Rex back in the Gareel. Maintain. Stick. Like a dog, an ego gladly serves and receives the reward for a well executed assignment. Eventually it is of course the question of who have I directed, the dog or myself? The answer: myself through the dog.

The ego has the function of protecting us.If you do not control what you feel and what you think (as far as it is) then the ego does not know what to do and goes out of all sorts of things that he thinks is good for you.
So an ego is certainly not negative, but just where you use it.

Now that my ego is under control, it is the best watchdog you can wish for.He listens to me and at potential danger he strikes. Now in the form that he quietly walks to my room and barks at the door a little. It used to be different, as if he exploded in a T-Rex in the middle of my living room. Completely out of control.

In the end I see it so; You need to fulfill your role.Everything happens in your head and body and it sometimes takes some time before you have found the right place to sit down. Fact is, this is your castle. Discover the
and find the room in which your throne stands.That might be the hardest thing of all. Discover the whole castle (yourself) and find the throne.
Until then, that T-Rex is cheerfully waiting for your throne and still shooting some guns at everything that moves.Proud and overconfident as he is like ‘ Hand of the King ‘;)-I would go looking for him soon!

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