How do you prevent as a person who has achieved a great deal that you are perceived as arrogant or braggart?

Especially by not talking about it.People soon get through if you are really good at doing that is to read your energy and attitude. If you really want to talk about it, do so with people who are on a similar level. Success can be intimidating, especially for people who do not reach anything. Stay humble, sober and objective. Such traits are generally valued more.

At the same time, you cannot completely prevent how you think about you.That belongs and should not be your concern, because in the end you have little to no control over it. Talking about it with everyone is therefore not sensible. Choosing how to deal with it is a choice-there you have the freedom and also power in it. If you keep that in order, the ‘ haters ‘ will be a lot less in your head.

I think you should be empathic towards others and their problems or struggles in life.Show interest that is sincere. No matter what someone has accomplished or where someone is coming from. Then no one will see you as arrogant.

Bragging you have yourself in the hand.It irritates when someone tells every time what IE can do well or how much he/she owns. I once had a sister-in-law who talked to each meeting about her money and what she had and immediately at the first acquaintance already asked what I deserved. Tenenkrullend. I saw her IDD as arrogant and a braggart.

I’ve already seen a few answers that say you shouldn’t talk too much about your performance.

But I really do not think that is the way!Talking about what you have accomplished, what you do and what you are doing now, is not very bad at all.

If you talk about yourself to someone and you want to disbelieve them then you will be able to be seen as arrogant.

But we are all people and we all want to chat about our lives!

So in any case you don’t get very busy!

You don’t actually do that, everyone has a lot of ready about others, so even if you do Jen use if you do now you will be seen as boastful or arrogant if you have achieved much.

Even if you’re just going to friends, Mensne, without you having done anything, will think “look there you have that powerhouse, in Zn powerhouse Bake, a little flasher how good he has it”

Maybe your friends will not think this but people who know you outside the circle of friends well.

So you can’t stop it, learn to deal with it.

Be aware of (and remain) that not everyone has this happiness, and that this does not only depend on “hard work”.That there are many people who work extremely hard to never get farther than keeping the head just above water.
Not only can and hard work ensure success.Also the right environment, the right time, the right acquaintances or friends, and a good dose of happiness, etc.
There are people who have more setbacks in life than others, without this being due to themselves.

There is nothing wrong with it to talk about your success.In fact, it can be inspiring for others to talk about it. But if your own success is the only thing you are talking about, then you will come across for most people. Probably because you are.

I would say: try to talk about the one with whom you are talking.What they are doing, what they are struggling with, etc. You may find a link with your own success story that allows you to inspire them.

Better still: Maybe they can inspire you in a way you didn’t expect.

So talk * to * each other.

Just remember that there is a difference between arrogance and self-assurance. Self-assurance is knowing that you are proficient in your life but always open to investigate other ideas and to adjust your opinion when you learn something from another, being flexible is stronger than stroef. Arrogance is knowing that you are proficient in your life or matter and D At your discretion, your idea is the only right one, sticking to your opinion and what other say or do is of no importance. How you are seen depends on yourself.

This may well be a very curious answer to the question.

But I still think I should give it.

I cannot say that I am a fan of the music of Frans Bauer.

Frans Bauer is very popular in some circles as a singer.

But I do have a lot of admiration for the way he deals with his popularity.

He is really a regular guy, who is nowhere in front of him.

I think that if he came on your birthday, he wouldn’t talk about his hits and his fans unless you or one of your guests started talking about it.

Frans Bauer is the answer to your question.

Not many people will see him as arrogant, or a creator.



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