How do you present yourself neatly when the weather is as warm as it is now? Normally I would go into Colbert nicely, but with the warmth it feels uncomfortable and I think that also influences the conversation.

Just a neatly ironed shirt should be enough for most organizations.You can inquire with your recruiter Whether you can wear classic dark jeans without holes and neat shoes or you really have to go for a suit pants. But then it must be a trousers that is sold loose and not as part of a suit.

I think so too.You walk in your sleeping bag around say. In the Netherlands, they are performing to sell winter jackets and suits in the summer, and you have not watched that.

If you want to maintain your style, you should choose a summer suit, then check on wool 200 grams super 150.Specifically Tommy Hilfiger summer suits I have good experience with that you will also find the jackets you are looking for.

You are now on your way, success with figuring.

I assume that you have to present yourself for a job interview.In that case, I recommend a neat and cared-for look where you don’t get too hot.


As a shirt I like to wear a linen shirt like this in the summer.The advantage of linen is that you are not going to sweat it.…


As trousers a simple chino like: Only & Sons Mark pants Dark Navy


And as shoes I would just go for the neat shoe like:

neat shoes chino pants:

The most important thing as the question also indicates is that the clothes are nice.When you feel comfortable then you beam that out. The people who listen to you will learn from your non-verbal communication that you are confident and therefore value what you have to say.

For a second call, you can adapt clothing to the dress code of the company you are applying for.If the people at that company are running in T-shirts with shorts then you can do that yourself too.


My suggestions for clothing are also simply suggestions.Do what you need to do.

For the women it is of course a completely different story.Said have many more options. However, I am not the right person to give advice to the women. If you search on Google, you will be happy enough to find suitable ideas: Summer job interview-Google search

How did they do that in the tropics again?Ohja, Linen.

If you do not, as the undersigned, work in a place where-if the mercury jumps above 25 degrees-shorts, shirts and open shoes can be worn (or for the ladies: Everything that is airy and comes out above the knees), linen is an option.

(As if you have your own air conditioner)

I come with some regularity in the tropics, and I often come to places there, or have encounters, where I do not want to walk as if I have just been crept out of some backpackerhol.

Then I always have a linen jacket at it. Weighs nothing, barely takes up space, creases like the mieters, but is airy and hold moisture so that it is cooling naturally.

I also swear by a tropical shirt (sometimes called a safari shirt):

(A Fjallraven safari shirt)

Good tropics shirts have the possibilities to roll up the sleeves and hold them together through a loop, and on the back and at the chest pockets air slots so that it can still blow a bit.

I come from the tropics.

Colbert is undesirable. As a business man in the tropics we are dressed in a guajabera [Surinamese it is a thin dark-coloured trousers with a “tropical shirt” of the jwdeqwrrhl貌snfpuhegheo貌hf貌dfdgh material. Short arms with four pockets such as a jacket. At the bottom you have no shirt, because otherwise it gets too hot. For official onrmoations, they can be of Kaki to gebardine but not with a T-shirt material. It can also be made of thin, jacket-like material.

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