How do you prepare the pets for the arrival of your first baby?

Suddenly a new creature in the house is difficult to handle for many pets.How can you make a baby and pets get used to each other?

Many pet owners see their pet as a member of the family.The animal gets attention and is sometimes just spoiled. In itself there is nothing wrong with that, but if there is suddenly a baby that demands all attention it can pose problems. How can you let your pet get used to the baby and how do you divide the attention ‘ honestly ‘?


The reaction of a pet to a baby is never to predict exactly, but there are properties that make a pet extra risky:

  • Animals that have had little or no contact with babies as young and later in their age.
  • Animals that have had contact with babies and therefore became upset or aroused.
  • Animals that generally are rapidly hostile to strangers.
  • Animals that quickly become jealous if the owner paid attention to another animal or person.


In case of a pet, it is advisable to prepare him or her for the arrival of the baby.Remember in particular whether there are things that your pet can do and soon if the baby suddenly is no longer there. For example, a dog or cat may be accustomed to jumping on the lap, and a rabbit may be accustomed to walking the whole house. Change the things you want to change with your pet as early as possible, so that they won’t get any negative associations with the baby’s arrival soon. Close the baby room in time if the dog or cat is not allowed to come and limit your rabbit to certain hours, for example only in the evening.

Remember: the litter box should not be forgotten if you are pregnant!This is to reduce the likelihood of toxoplasmosis.


Pets are very sensitive to fragrances.Therefore, try to use the fragrances you are going to use (think lotion, powders and soaps) in advance. Just smear a little bit on your arm before you do something fun with your pet and they get used to it. See also: video dog sees baby for the first time


Is your pet accustomed to getting attention from you all the time when you’re there?Try to build a bit as soon as possible. If the baby is there you can no longer constantly give attention to your pet, so it is better to get used to it now.

Do not forget: Always check if all vaccinations of your pet are up-to-date.If necessary, go to the vet again to check out.


If the baby is there, it is best to introduce your pet and the baby together.Often pets are naturally interested in babies, because it is ‘ new ‘. In many cases, pets also feel that they are young beings and must be ‘ protected ‘ (especially in females). Let them look at each other quietly and also let your pet smell to your baby so that it can recognize the scent as something that is known. Also keep your baby at a height that your pet can look good without having to jump (that will scare you all of it).


If the baby is there you can teach your pet that the baby is something positive. This can be done by your pet just at times when the baby is there also to give attention.Ignoring your pet can cause those negative associations to get with the baby, and of course you don’t want to! Try to divide that attention a little while the baby is just there, and remember to visit that the baby is not the only one in your house that needs attention.


For a pet it is very important to have your own place.A basket or a cat tree where your pet can withdraw in a good place is a must. Therefore, make sure that this quiet sleeping place is there. If your pet is running away from the baby because it is sitting, let it go. A pet is naturally curious, so it will come again to investigate the baby.


It may be that, now that the baby is there, you have less patience with your pet and faster punishes.Try to keep an eye on this and see why you’re punishing. Was it really because your dog had torn your newspaper? Did you cry a wicked indultion to your cat because it ran over the couch (which she normally always did)? Try for the baby comes clear rules for your pet set. If you want to adjust something, start there on time and do not make too many changes at once. And remember that a pet often has a reason to ‘ misbehave ‘. For example, a dog may have torn your newspaper because he thinks he is getting too little attention.

Tip: Never leave your pet alone with your baby, even if they can still find it so well.If an animal is seated and wants to be left alone, your baby will not understand it yet and go back to it. This can cause your pet to feel cornered and defend itself.

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