How do you personally deal with it during moments in life where you feel that everything is going the wrong way?

Everything may go the wrong way, but that does not mean that I have to do that too.Of course, everyone has such periods.

In My head It always looks like I walk on my path through the Forest (life).
I can look forward and see where I go in nice weather.It feels good and I also feel confident about myself. Sometimes there are times when you walk on your path and out of nowhere it starts to blow. I keep full. Against the Wind.
Then it begins to rain.That too. Now it’s cold, wet and windy. How easy would it be to go down the path and walk into the forest, where I can find shelter. Very easy.

However, that forest symbolizes everything in life that does not fit or belong to me.
Hiding there will eventually make it much harder to return to where I came from so I keep full.Eventually, it can culminate in a colourway cyclone, but that doesn’t give. I keep on my path, sometimes I don’t even walk. Sometimes I just stay here.

How do I do that?
-I know the path where I’m walking is mine. This is a very reassurance.It feels like everything that comes on MY path-also something I can meet. After all, it comes to my path. I see it as an opportunity to learn new things.
-I listen to myself.I ‘ feel ‘ what the most priority is. What should I solve first to keep my energy level as high as possible, what eats the most to me. I’m going to work on that.
-What do I need extra to be able to do the above?In such a period I immediately adapt my lifestyle to emergency mode as it were.
I go to bed early, make sure I have enough movement, plan a lot of charging moments. I believe it is sacred that when you take care of your body you can also cope with mental challenges much better.Many people often focus on the mental challenge and ignore their bodies and take care of them badly. With the result that they cannot meet the mental stroke.
-Last but certainly not insignificant: I talk about my situation and where I am at that moment.The actual challenge I will have to fly, but help in the form of advice, or support, is something that can be decisive when you fight!

-going to sleep, as some use drug or alcohol as exhaust is that for me Dreamland
-I make a list in my head of issues that need to be dealt with and every day something needs to be done on that level.
-I press in thought on the Resett button, a new start, a new start.In which issues of the Resett are tackled with great enthusiasm. I do that often, the Resett button should not be used more than 6 times peer year.
-I think I have to do something useful for one of the important things, movement, cleaning, work, money, social contacts etc. Almost every moment of the 24 hours that one day counts.If you do that then you will forgive yourself even more easily if you have made a decision.
-Physically healthy living, which is an important basis, you are your body, again here, if you get sick then it is less bad because you have done your best, more you can not do.

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