How do you lose five pounds in a month without following a fad diet?

The first kilos are loss of moisture anyway.5kg of pure fat will last longer.

But, sometimes this is already what is needed in the short term. Just enough maybe to ‘ fit in the dress or the pants ‘.

My advice (Please note!I am not a professional expert but I do speak from experience):

Combine regular exercise and conscious eating.

  • Regularly try to take a good walk of at least 40 minutes, and if there is indeed pressure behind it: every day
  • Drink plenty of water, rooibos or herbal teas, at most 2 cups of coffee without milk or sugar morning if really needed, nothing else
  • Only whitefish or chicken breast, no red meat, occasional egg
  • As a siege, egg, chicken breast or turkey slices, no cheese.

Occasionally a little sugar-free jam or thin layer of pure sprinkles can not hurt, though I find myself that it enlarges my appetite in sweetness only and works only counterproductive.

  • Very thin layer of real butter on whole wheat sandwich (1 per day), Whole wheat Wasa crackers (2 per day), or even better: hummus spread.
  • It tastes fine in combination with a slice of chicken breast and cucumber slices. I make it myself with a jar of organic chickpeas and a dash of olive oil and some spices crushed in a blender. Very lean and simple, does not smell by omitting garlic. Fine as a siege in combination with lean meats, or an egg, and some vegetables.

  • 2 portions of fruit such as berries, pineapple, apple, pear, kiwi, half banana
  • Delicious fruit in a smoothie to be processed together with 200 -250gr lean cottage cheese, 2 tablespoons raw oatmeal, a hefty dash of cinnamon, a glass of water or unsweetened almond or soyamelk.
  • Delicious! Even a handful of baby spinach through it is surprisingly good to do and super healthy. The breakfast was very good.

  • Hand walnuts or almonds, and/or a mix of flax seed, pumpkin seeds, etc.
  • By the Quark

  • Hobbie vegetables, raw in between, or boiled.
  • Broccoli, Spercie beans, spinach, are toppers.

  • Skinny Cottage cheese
  • No sugars, starch, white bread, pasta, etc., processed foods, restricting dairy to low-fat quark
  • A portion of silver rice or similar sweet potato, lentils, a small portion of wholemeal pasta.
  • Limit wheat to a minimum.

  • Eat as much pure as possible.
  • Rinse by drinking water and/or herbal teas, and do not go hungry

  • Proteins provide a full feeling
  • Avoid foods that strain your body (“fake” and/or processed foods)
  • Eat varied to counteract boredom
  • Which also helps tremendously: prepping, “prepare” your meals.
  • This means that you prepare a generous amount in advance and put in ready-made portions/meals in your fridge. Then the temptation is easy to do with a pizza from the oven evenly taken away. Because of the shelf life of fresh food I boil at most for 3 days.

  • Make everything as much as possible “Packaar”
  • Think of your portions, but if you eat regularly (up to 6x a day of smaller portions) you will hear to notice that you are not hungry and are going to settle for it automatically
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