How do you look at the protest actions of animal activists? Are these types of actions going too far or are they necessary to protect animals?

Many animal activists have been pierced.Many pastoralists too.

Veterinarians call abuses pig farming daily reality

Own courts must not play, even by animal activists in a farmer who violates (possibly) rules.The law must be maintained by the Government. It would be good if the government would enforce the law here somewhat more strictly.

It is ultimately up to consumers to bring about a change.If people prefer to eat kilo-knallers, farmers will continue to build mega stables.

They go too far.They break into one’s property. If someone would do that in your home, take your measures because it shouldn’t. Why can animal activists break into the stables of a farmer unpunished? Is really crooked!

I cannot open the article because I do not want to have cookies from the BD and not at all if I cannot specify which ones and which do not.

But in general, such actions are indeed necessary.They were needed to get rid of the torture in the fur-animal nurseries and seal massacres. They are needed to prevent the slaughter of whales. They were needed to get rid of the worst practices in egg production and calving, and they were needed to make it a lot more liveable for pigs.

In general, farmers love their animals.But it is a market. If a pair of large pig messes can provide cheaper by not taking it so closely with the prescriptions, so illegal and abundant antibiotics, too many pigs per square metre, poor vulture and manure processing, cheap food that at the expense of Natural areas have been cultivated, poor ventilation and what is not, the price for all farmers is the same, so the others are forced to deliver as cheaply as possible. What the animal welfare will never benefit.

Pig farmers do not like to hang on the big clock.So they keep their barns closed for the press. You don’t break that without this kind of action. So how exactly this specific action has been with this pig farmer, I do not know. One of the main goals is generally to publicising publicity for the adverse (nature, health, environment, animal welfare) consequences of large-scale meat production. So I assume that the campaigners will tell us more about it. Only then is it appropriate to assess whether there is sufficient justification for this specific action. If it turns out that the pig farmer kept all the rules, I would be very reluctant to approve such an action. But it may still be that such a sector and government rules lead to unacceptable animal suffering, environmental and health damage. Look at the examples I mentioned above. Was originally also all legal.

Just before, I have been an active environmentalist in my younger years.I basically have no problems with activism.

Looking at this action:

The campaigners quickly managed to have two demands.They wanted to make images of the alleged misstates inside. As a second requirement, they wanted to bring sick and injured animals out. The campaigners were not going to leave until their claim would be granted.

This is an action that is doomed to failure.Bring animal suffering to the attention? Fine. But with a lot of Tam tam requirements, that you may enter to accuse the business owner is at his friendliest said naive. Something less kindly said Oerstom.

Were these actions too far?Not to my idea. An occupation of a livestock farm to satisfy the jaw goes far, but it does not exceed the limit for me.

But because the requirements are completely unrealistic, the occupation is also aimless.Some examples I would like to find purposeful:

  • Trucks are blocked, because pigs are usually transported on inhumane (or, unfortunately, ‘ all too Human ‘) cruel ways.

It is no exception that several pigs with broken legs arrive at the place of destination (slaughterhouse).

  • Tip the media and ask a reporter with camera to ‘ look in ‘.
  • Submit a complaint to supervisory authorities and put pressure on the authorities to carry out an inspection.
  • This in combination with the use of the media can quickly lead to results.

    In addition, with these kinds of actions you will get a lot of hands on each other.As Johan Nijhof said in his comment:

    I do have an enrichment in the free nature, but the large-scale action against pig farmers is going too far.It is a direct attack on my pork chop.

    The meat industry responds to a consumer need.If you have not changed anything, there will be little change to the animal suffering.

    For the sake of clarity: I am not a vegetarian.I do not preach that we are not allowed to eat meat, but we can eat less (much healthier too, my RA became a lot less painful when I was eating less meat) and we should also pay more for that meat. Just because we eat more meat than needed, we want it as cheaply as possible. And to be able to supply it cheaply, the farmer does not have many options…

    The problem is that you have to have a group that is going far too far, to get out in the long run somewhere halfway.

    These kinds of actions go to my view v脙 漏 脙 漏 L and v脙 漏 脙 漏 ls too far.Good regulation solves problems, not these terribly ignorant people. For many years I have been able to look at several cattle farms, which were mainly concerned with cattle and I can say that of the activists there was not one who has thought carefully about the action.

    That’s why I have some things to say about (against) these activists:
    You’re at the wrong company. The pig stables looked good.I myself also prefer that the pigs run freely, but by regulation (spurred by environmentalists) it has become almost impossible to actually let these animals run around freely.

    The much heard argument is that there have been abuses in livestock farming for years.However, when these people had a minimal deepcut. Then it became clear to these people that these abuses occur especially in feed factories and slaughterhouses.

    2.You bring more animals at risk than you are red. Now these people were still somewhat at the mind, but these types of raids are happening more often by the same group.This group has, for example, sometimes put the power out in a pig stable. Consequence-> No ventilation-> Carbon monoxide-> pigs all die.

    Also this time people started complaining about lung problems.Where one activist was removed. He/she became unwell. That seems to me to be a logical consequence, after all, the ventilation is not made to provide 125 extra persons with oxygen. What irritates me most is that some activists are that the pigs live in very bad air. Yes, if you are storming a farm with 125 people.

    In addition to the air, people have a lot of illnesses with them.These animals are generally not so resistant, after all they never come into contact with lots of bacteria. Result? Animals must be cleared.

    3.You deliver a traumatic experience to people
    For hours the farmer and his family was stuck on the farm.I am not surprised if the youngest children of the family now do not close an eye. I cannot imagine that you want a whole family to chase the butt.

    4.You really do not reach anything
    It is not that politics is now paying extra attention to animal welfare.In fact, a lot of attention is paid to animal welfare. Mink from breeding, cows on pasture (meadow milk), elimination of the laying battery-chicken. They are small steps that ensure that the animals in the Netherlands are getting better.

    I do have an enrichment in the free nature, but the large-scale action against pig farmers is going too far.It is a direct attack on my pork chop.

    I find it going too far.If you hold a demonstration from a political point of view, you go to the Binnenhof instead of to the residential address of a politician. For a farmer a farm is indeed his living space and often there are also children in the game.
    Protest or take action in the Netherlands, but do not intrude anywhere.That is why I propose that such protest actions be held in The Hague or during the conventions of the agricultural sector, but not on farms.

    Animal activists come to me as townspeople who have lost contact with nature and are also busy losing contact with humanity.They often put the animal on a higher plan than humans, mostly led by abdominal feeling and rarely steered by any sense of reality. All the more aiding the animal, the fanalist the activist.

    It seems that it is more about satisfying the own need to do good than to save animals.As an example, I refer to the liberation of pitiful Nertsjes to save them from the gasification of death. After release they are usually driven dead and the animals that continue to live starve because they have not learned to hunt.

    Unfortunately, they did not tackle the real animal suffering.I have never seen animal activists break open because too large dogs are kept in too small houses, birds are in the kooks, in which they barely can cut their wings or the Doggies are fattened from love to their organs the Specify.

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