How do you learn to make decisions more easily? I heard of a 2 minute rule.

I don’t know of such a rule.I always try to be aware of my own will and to think critically about the consequences. Frankly, sometimes I slow down this process so long that I don’t decide, because if I can forget the decision was not important enough for me.

I believe that Richard Muller on the English Quora the following they:

Make sure you take all the information you need and take a decision based on your feelings.

That has helped me a number of times.

Sean Kernan recently also had a brilliant remark:

Make use of your second language when making difficult decisions [1

The two minute rule is part of “getting Things done”.
For me, “Step 1” works better, this is the first shortest possible action you can take to get something moving.Often this is a little something, like looking up something or formulating a question. If you take this step in action you notice that it is often easy to make the next step immediately.
The problem is not so much the move, but it get moving.
But for me that has little to do with deciding and making a lot of routine.


[1 Sean Kernan’s answer to What psychological tips can help people become better decision-makers in general?

I think you’ll be better at taking decisions by just taking them.If you have made a decision and are developing the consequences then it is up to you to observe these developments and as a reference for your next decision.

If you have made a wrong decision you have to take the lessons with you.

And of course you have decisions in shapes and sizes.

Small decisions such as “What will I eat today?” or “What will I attract?” are easier to make than big decisions like “will I swap jobs?”

But regardless of the size of the decision, I think it is important that you know yourself as a person or in any case should consider who you want to be as a person.

Let’s say you want to keep a healthy life pattern and be respectful.


Then, when deciding “what will I eat today?”, choose a salad rather than a burger with a lot of fat and when you attract your clothes you will make a choice for clothes that indicate that you want to take care of yourself (e.g. shirt tov sweater)

Or salad?

So in summary.

To become better in decisions. Be aware of who you want to be as a person and evaluate your decision so that you can better deal with it next time.

As for the 2-minute rule.In my opinion, it doesn’t have much to do with making decisions but with how productive you are in your daily life.

It is mainly about procrastination.I am not a hero in it, but it does restrict my procrastination. Here is a small ribbon. I hope it helps you

The 2 minute rule to counteract procrastination: it really works!-Biscuits from home

With Twinkle eyes and a wide smile,


Do you always have the idea that many things are waiting for you?Everything that is in your Inbox, for example, is also in your mind. Constantly you hear a voice that says: You have to answer a hundred more messages.

The two-minute rule, from the time management book Gettings Things Done, means that when you process your Inbox or post with every mail or document you ask yourself: can I do this, now, within two minutes?

If you need more than two minutes, or if you need things and/or people who aren’t there now, you’ll be writing the task on your Tasks list.

But if you can do it now and within two minutes, do it withone.Directly. Immediately. Why? It takes you more time and energy to remember or write it down than to handle it. It takes more than two minutes to read, save, and respond to an email later.

You give each incoming item (mail, letter, document,…) so maximum two minutes of your attention.

If it can be completed in those two minutes: Super!Ready is ready. If not, you will get back to it later.

What can you do in two minutes?A lot: Storing a document in the right place, making an appointment at the hairdresser, garage or dentist, answering a meeting request, watering plants, reading a Quora article… Coincidentally, it is also often this kind of small chores that cause unnecessary stress.

Apply the two-minute rule not only to email, but to all the tasks that sneak into your life.

The two minute rule I know is about handling tasks.

Do any task that takes less than 2 minutes to do immediately, and prioriseer the other tasks properly.Deciding how to do that and what task you need to do first is still one you have to take yourself.

Indeed, usually the first decision is the best.

2 minutes rule is only for things that can be done directly without having to play a lot of time.Or else just run a flow. And don’t always work with task lists.

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