How do you keep motivating yourself to keep returning to a job you hate?

Why do you still return to a job that you hate?

Maybe you need the stability of income?

In any case, even without resignation, you can do all sorts of things to improve your current situation.

Let’s take a look at 3 signals that indicate that you’re in the wrong job, and immediately to what you can do to deal with it without you (right away) resign.By taking one or more of these actions you can motivate yourself to keep returning.

1.You’re actively looking for distractions at work

If you are constantly looking for distractions at work (especially when no one is watching), and you prefer to spend your time doing so than doing meaningful work, you are in the wrong job.

What can you do without going away?

Focus on the responsibilities in your current job: Why aren’t you interested?You may experience too little challenge, you will learn nothingnew, or you are ready for another project and some change.

Take a look Around if you don’t find new challenges or projects in your team and find at least three new exciting areas where you can contribute.

Join your supervisor to make suggestions on how you can improve your productivity and contribution to the organization by tackling something new.Share what you found and ask if they can adjust your current tasks.

2.You don’t want to have anything to do with your collega s

The dynamism in a team is a key factor for how you feel at work.And people are not always well matched. Whether it is their personality, or the way they treat you, be assured that you can changeit.Then decide what it takes for you to feel good at work.

Then you can make a simple proposal to your supervisor about who you prefer to collaborate with, and how you can avoid collaboration with those people who have a negative impact on your productivity.Make the proposal so that you bring the problem to the attention while also proposing a solutionat the same time.The task of your supervisor is to keep peace in the team while everyone remains productive and happy. You can help with your proposal.

3.You just do it for the money

There is nothing wrong with earning money.But if you only work for the money, then you are in the wrong job.

Therefore, do this simple exercise: ask yourself what you would like to do the rest of your life unpaid.Free and for nothing. Write and keep writing until you find the answer. That is your passion.You wouldn’t do that work just for the money. And knowing what that passion is, can help you to pave the path in that direction, even though you are retaining your current job today.

Are you a victim of your working conditions or do you want to take action and ask some changes to make your job better tomorrow?

They call it a dead-end alley.

The whole ad market around recruiting is built around the job to find your life.

As if that is possible for everyone.

Who should do the repetitive and uninteresting jobs?

The image that the employees are mirrored is just like that supermodel on Instagram.


Innovative company.

Career opportunities.

Performance-based remuneration.

Cool work atmosphere.

Well yes.

There are exceptions.

But most companies are just a mess.

Which insurance for medical expenses?

It does not appear to cover all costs.Proves to be the cheapest of the market with accompanying abominable customer service.

The working atmosphere?

If you are in a team, then you are each other’s competitor.

You’re in the running for a promotion or storage?

Against your colleagues.

Are you going to lend a hand?

Or sabotage?

Promise something and then have no time?

Who likes to shoot themselves in the foot?

No one anyway.

One day you’ll find the job of your life, and then you’re gone of course…

The very first thing to understand is that the grass is always greener across the street.

Many promise and give little, do the hum in joy life.

Something my mother once used to say.

Can you really count on someone or something else (company), to take your life to heart and to draw your whole career to the top?

Next to you come with a handkerchief when you are sad?

What extra does it give if you have a financial difficulty?

Promote you because you are the best and the hardest works even though that other person has been working for ten years longer and is good friends with the manager?

You are the one who takes you to the next level.

There is only 1 person who can give shape to your life.

Because there is only 1 person who knows what your potential is.

So what should you do?

If you finally realise that you have to take your own life, you have to spend every hour or half hour you can spend on the following three things:

  1. What do you like?
  2. What are you good at?
  3. What expertise is valuable today and tomorrow, i.e. that people want to give money for it.

It seems simple.

But it’s not.

It means that you have to make lists.

And go looking, validating a possibility.

Building Expertise.

In A rare case, you have validated the three questions within months or a year and have left you.

For most ploeter, the undersigned Incluis, it takes years.

You don’t have to give up your job.

But you have to have a way out.

And keep trying, searching and learning.

Any free time.

Instead of playing Fortnite or Angry Birds.

Or binge watching Netlfix.

That brings you nowhere.

It comes down to investing in yourself.

And after every setback, restart.

Only who keeps trying, will find something.

Everyone has 1 or more interesting skills or experiences.

And you know that a job is actually putting your fate in the hands of others.

So what did you lose?

TINA, there is no alternative.

Keep trying.

After a year you will find that you know so much more.

Try it.

You are also getting farther and wider than you originally thought.

You learn to know yourself much better.

What do I like?

What do I not like.

Make your start with lists.

You buy interesting books.

Follows an interesting course.

You learn.

Your expertise grows.

And expertise there is demand for it.

But always validate.

The quadrant where you have a lot or little demand for a lot or little yield.

Something with little or a lot of question for which one wants to pay nothing, that is a HOBBY.

Something with little demand but a lot of yield, can be a possibility.

Something with a lot of demand and where one wants to give a lot of money, that is the Holy Grail.

Go looking.

What did you lose?

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