How do you imagine the music of the future?

Music completely composed of algorithms.This is of course already happening.
So often you hear the bottom of a known song and it is then mixed with the text of another known song.Then another sample’tje from the years 90 and pats boom-we have a new number. Then another hamster voice and we are ready for the top 40.

That is one side of music, the money side I call it.Then there are still people who make music because that is their way of expressing themselves. I hope that will always persist. Music can be a language that we all understand and something that united us all.

I will give a fresh look at this,

I know that many think that the hardcore scene is daily cost.But I do not think that is correct. Hardcore is too extreme for the average listener.

I believe (and hope) that soon all copyright etc, goes from the Internet.

Imagine, you earn your money as a producer, because people will support you, go to your concerts, and send your track to friends etc.

If commercial music becomes less popular, then a whole new dimension will come into quality behind new music.

The biggest problem is that discovering an artist is not easy.

I myself have a small list of undiscovered artists who have potential;





The moment that discovering talent becomes easier I predict that this is going to happen;

We have a lot of techniques there, making music is getting easier, but that’s why my idea is to make newer genres like dubstep the future.

Wake Up -Kayzo and RIOT

This is what I estimate that comes on the radio.

But why?

Dubstep is despite that perhaps at first glance only if ‘ noise sounds ‘ something much deeper than you will think.When we go back to the Stone Age, most music was mostly rhythmically, this music is not only measuring a lot of pitch, so there can be Symphonie, but also has a rhythm that can penetrate well, and where it can be danced. And as in the above track to be heard, it is good to combine with other electronic genres.

With even less difference in tonal heights.

In a form of even more expresivity in combination with high bass and universe noise.

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