How do you help a friend with a startup, while unsure about the chance of success?

For my there are two doubts for success.
The first is the market proposition of the product or service.That is my former profession and study area. The other point of doubt is the person or the startup team.
As a startup you only have one task and that is not something amazing.It is something that is normal making and selling as great. The reason it sells is because it offers something unique that makes it great. And if much lower cost makes it unique, it really doesn’t have to be beautiful.

If I doubt the market proposition then I will appeal to someone there.I have also done this regularly in the past: Tell who is going to buy it, why are they going to pay for it, how do they know you are there, what does it mean for them, what lusts they get, and what burdens they get. Are you really uncaring about them, and is this what they want? What do those customers really look for? How do you know? Have you spoken of none, one, two, five or fifty? What are they awake to?

But much more importantly it is selling.Just show that your product or service matches what they want and exceeds expectations. And convince me as a potential customer of that. I really almost cursed my first internship supervisor, because every time he asked me again: I get it, but are you selling it to me?

If the startup is not a good seller, the product should really cover a huge gap in the market, and that requires a huge mountain domain knowledge.
Then the startup is initiated by someone who controls this discipline, or there are people in the background who are directing the development.
Recently we had a startup on the floor and the product fits well with the need.The member of the startup team does not quite understand our business model, but rather the specific niche where the problem is. That’s whispered to him (I know).

If the friend has the market wrong then I can give advice.If he or the team does not have any sales skills and does not want to invest a lot in it (developing a good product, that sells itself) then I quickly left.
I know that selling is tricky, I have done it myself and should do much more.

Doubts belong to it.. The fact is that large part of start-up companies will not have a long life and that the chances of a big company are even smaller. So your feeling is not weird.

However, a good product, a fanatical team that is willing to learn and a positive critical entourage are some ingredients for success.

What your role is with helping depends on your expertise, willingness and time.

If you have any doubts: where are the doubts based on?Is his product/service not suitable for the market he would like to storm? Does he not have the necessary skills? Is it up to the marketing?

I do not know in which stage he sits from his start-up.. Is it still an idea, there is already a prototype.. There are multiple paying customers.Very early in the process, enthusiasm is what matters most.

Be honest if something is really bad… You have to say it too.I hope it will be a success.

Doubt is an essential part of success.

Without a doubt, you are entitled to the Abyss, albeit with a lot of self-confidence.

Helping your friend could do you by studying your own doubts.Analyse the risks that are causing your doubts. And ways to minimize the impact of those risks.

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