How do you handle it if someone has no respect for you?

That depends on what you mean by “respect.”

I think you should treat everyone politely.And even that is not entirely moral-free: Some people find it disrespectful to be called “you”, other people have less hard limits.

I think that you have to disconnect opinions and person, to a certain extent.Someone can have a stupid opinion without being stupid, someone can have a racist thought without being racist, etcetera.

But that only goes to a certain height.If anyone feels that all gays must be dead, then I will view the opinion AND the person rather negatively. If anyone feels that having a psychological disorder is nonsense, then that does indeed affect my opinion about that person.

For me, it is paramount that an opinion about other people, especially when it comes to something OBJECTIVELY no one else suffers, or the preference for a (political) flow that the lives of other people on the basis of certain characteristics is impossible To say something about the person who has that opinion.

And I don’t think I need to respect people who somehow disagree with my existence.I do not need to respect people who have no respect for ME.

And yes, if anyone has such an opinion, I will go out of the way.Here at Quora I block people, on FB I throw them out of my friends list, and in everyday life I get those people out of the way and don’t take their phone calls anymore.

In All other cases, people get 1 or 2 “warnings”: I will tell them how I feel, and then they have the chance not to repeat that behavior.If they do not choose to change that behavior, the above treatment follows.

Having a bonding disorder has its advantages haha.I walk away from people easily.

In my profession, I come into contact with such people on a daily basis.For me it is measured in which gradation someone is disrespectful. No say day is reasonably normal. In your face cough is already a touch of irritanter, throwing objects like credit card at you if you ask for this is already interesting. People who start treating me like a dog will be my limit. Then I will be appealing to the person depending on my fuse. I have a breede back today. And can have a lot of knowing that in some cultures and or beliefs things go differently. But they go too far than I point out that we are all equal and should be treated similarly.. This often causes a clear moment.. For the rest, don’t let it walk over you as they go over your border.. For the rest, she leaves a good idea… As long as I’m not bothered by it, otherwise rule 2 will be in operation again.

For me, mutual respect is one of the most important values.

It does not happen so often that someone treats me disrespectful: I myself behave respectfully and I assume that others will, as a matter of course, also respond in this way.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case.For some, the lack of respect is just too deeply ingrained. In such cases it stops for me and I withdraw without explanation.

I refuse to walk in the trap of bitter communication.I miss the patience to waste time on negativity and also refuse to provide space for it. As soon as I detect signs of lack of respect for me in people, my attention disappears.

One option is to confront people with it, to establish that it does not yield anything.Ignoring and leaving deprives the culprit the chance to fetch his gram. It works very frustrating and is unbeatable in terms of efficiency.

Respect is a separate something.You can earn it, but just like with salary, you don’t always get what you deserve.

Most importantly, in my opinion, you have respect for yourself.You can have respect for others. If others have no respect for you in interaction, it is questionable whether they do it for themselves. But if you decrease to be disrespectful, you know in any case that you can have less respect for yourself.

This does not mean that I am always respectful to someone who is disrespectful, but I choose to do so at certain times and accept that I am so much ashamed of myself.

Sometimes people are only aware of their behaviour when they are kept in a mirror.If they are suddenly treated respectfully, with the message: you behave disrespectful, you should not expect any respect back. Then people will still use reflection and come in the ideal situation so that they would rather change their behaviour. That’s a start.

I find this question difficult because I am struggling with the notion of ‘ respect ‘.

Previously, respect was something that you were given on the basis of a particular achievement that you had performed or because a special role was held (notary, mayor, etc.).

Today-the-day seems to respect something that Jan-and-Alleman claims for himself, without any associated respectable behavior, or performance, or role.It seems to be a kind of fundamental right: “I must be respected anyway.”

Perhaps every man has a ‘ right ‘ to respect.The tricky thing is that I hear people sometimes proclaiming opinions that I have no respect at all. Or do things that I have no respect for.

The notion of ‘ respect ‘ is therefore subject to inflation.Because: in which, or what do you want to be respected? What makes you so respectable?

With all due respect, incidentally.

Like R. Ziel, I struggle with the notion of respect.

If I hear the word “Respect”, my thoughts involuntarily go to the image of the Mafia boss who focuses the course of his pistol on the head of a fallen member and demands Respect before shooting that person then cold-bloodied.
Bottom Line: Respect is often claimed to be UNPAs and linked to a statute (often on the social and/or hierarchical ladder).Luckily, we see that phenomenon less and less.

When I go with others, I tend to replace respect with recognition.In my view, that goes on because I accept the person in question with his good and bad sides (subjective).

Given my past history in the military environment, I have often been confronted by the demands of superiors to give them respect, without actually giving rise to them.Traditions, protocol and the like were often confused with respect. Luckily, that’s something that disappears more and more, and I respect that.

Of course, you can also define respect differently: as in “I respect the order of degrees”.That has nothing to do with the feeling of “respect”.

Now the original question: How do I deal with it?
At this an anecdote.

In the unit where I worked, it was the habit to shake everyone’s hand.As a soldier there is even suppose to greet, but I was far a the few who did it. One day I crossed an “Old School” commander in the corridors and reached after greeting to have my hand. After shaking the hands, the commander spoke to me with degree and name (shit to the marble, because normally I am approached by my first name). “I think it’s kind that you give me the hand, but you know that it is always the highest authority that reaches his hand first?”. To which I replied “and what do you think happened?”. He linked protocol to tradition, then to respect and a misestimation of what an authority can be. So I just reframed that. I really had no respect for that now. Furthermore, I could find it very well with that person… Because I recognized him.

You get what you give.It doesn’t matter if you agree with the other person or not, but if you treat each other with respect and do not judge each other in advance, things will almost always go well. In my experience, at least.

I join the soul.

I don’t need any respect from people.As long as they treat me normally I find it fine. And I am being dead sick of the jank ore who at the slightest or least call that someone has no respect for them. Or rather still, that I don’t have that.

Yes, right.Do you have my respect that deserved in any way? I treat you as I treat everyone. If you want my respect, then you have to do something for that. I tolerate you because you exist. I MAY accept you for who you are. I MAY respect you for what you do.

Is an encouragement to me to ascertain my behaviour and that of the other.Am I it or is he it?

  1. If the cause of the non-respectful lies with me, then my apology to the banks and I must improve.
  2. If that lies with the other, then a warned man Teld for two.

It may be that the other one thinks so. In that case, staying away from the neighborhood is best.

  • There in between, then a bit of each, accordingly.