One way to safely and fairly easily fit ladder lines into a home is to use a plastic dryer vent. They are available at Home Depot, Lowes and many places. It’s a 3-4 inch diameter plastic tube that goes through a wall and has a down vent cap on the outside to keep rain out.

Also asked how do you use a ladder line?

There are many waterproof ways to put ladder lines in any hut. You can drill two small holes through the wall and put two #12-#14 wires through them, then swage them and connect them to your tuner’s balanced output. Or better yet, mount your balun outside the wall and come in with a few feet of coax.

You know, you can bury conductor lines?

You can bury conductor lines. You just take a shovel and dig a hole. Throw it in and cover it.

Second, what is a dual antenna?

Dual antennas: G5RV antenna. The doublet antenna is a form of dipole that uses a balanced feed, often an open wire feed, and an antenna tuning unit. Because the open wire feeder is able to operate at standing wave levels and effectively becomes part of the antenna, it can operate over a wide frequency band.

What is a conductor line?

Ladder line or “window line” is a variant of double line that is similar in construction except the polyethylene webbing between the wires that keeps them apart has rectangular openings (“windows”) cut in it. The most common type is a 450 ohm conductor line spaced about 1 inch apart.

What is a windom antenna?

The windom antenna is an off -Center wire multiband antenna . The old version was fed only via a single wire connected to 1/3 of the total length of the antenna, or with an open feed line (later versions). Here is another coax-fed model compatible with Solid States 50 ohm output transceivers.

What is elementary doublet?

An elementary doublet is a small conductor length δℓ (small compared to the wavelength λ) through an alternating current: The distant electric field Eθ of the electromagnetic wave is coplanar with the conductor and perpendicular to the line connecting the dipole to the point where the field is evaluated.

How long is a g5rv antenna?

The basic G5RV antenna measures just 102 feet at the top for 80-10 meter operation and is fed through a 34-foot low-loss feed stub in the center.

How long is an 80 meter dipole?

130 feet

What is a Carolina Windom antenna?antenna (the modern version of the windom) as an “inverted vertical antenna” suspended from its (more or less horizontally) spanned counterpoise about 10 meters it (or more) hangs off the ground.