How do you get the best version of yourself from yourself?

I think by knowing yourself (learning).And you do that by asking yourself questions, but also thinking about the relationships you have with the people who are important in your life.

Many people do this when they write or keep a journal for themselves.

An example of a question you could ask yourself.Who do I want to be in 5 years? Suppose the answer is that you want to change jobs and that you want to be something of significance in the healthcare sector. Then that is already something you know about yourself. Now you can act on them. Do you need to follow courses? Yes. Then go and follow. Are you going to have to write? Go and write.

An example of thinking about relationships.Let’s take as an example: your best friend. Are you there for your friend when he/she needs you? Have you told him/her lately that they have an impact on your life. Have you told them that you are thankful for them? If you answered yes to everything great. If not. Go and do better.

Finding the best version of yourself is a lifelong process.But when you consciously work on it, it will feel like the best version of yourself and I hope that the above is a bit of a help.

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By staying yourself

The best version of yourself includes knowing your unique talents and developing these talents to the highest level.

The call immediately raises other questions:

  1. How do I want to use my unique talent?

Can the whole of mankind get better from this or do I just want to use my talent for personal gain?

  • How can I recognise my unique talents?
  • When I know my unique talents, do I have the space and the time in my life to be able to develop it to the best of power?
  • Do I have a proper mentor/coach?

  • Have I suffered a trauma that has affected my personal development?
  • Then I need to heal this trauma first, before I can grow into the highest form of self actualization.

    1. Plea for development of altruism

    The best version of a human being is to use his talent to improve the living conditions of all who belong to his social circle.Unfortunately, as a social animal in the economic system, this behaviour does not involve automatic remuneration. In contrast to the natural ranking of a social group, this does provide an automatic reward. Group members ask for your advice, and you increase their esteem in others. The reward for this is to have more cohesive social relationships, in which others acknowledge your talents, and this in the long term. Everyone wins, there are no losers. Close relationships based on trust have an immediate positive impact on your health.

    In contrast to the pursuit of personal gain only, there is only 1 winner, with possibly losers.In addition, others can detect your motives, thus losing confidence in your person, with the result that victory is only short-lived. Of course, there are countless examples in today’s society where leaders are elected who only use their influence for their personal interests. This is a strange trend in a natural, organic group of people. Since empathy and improving living conditions, eye for problems for people are part of natural leadership. The history of mankind is full of examples where the common people moans among kings who do not pursue their best interest, the times have not changed much… here the leadership is enforced unnaturally. (for example, via violence, poverty,…) Think of the Pyramid of Maslow: When someone needs to find shelter and food, there is no room for self-actualization and there is no fuel in the modal man to unite and Create a rebellion.

    2.Psychology theory

    A) The theory of the core quadrants of Daniel Ofman (= To get to know yourself better in relation to the other)

    A good example of the theory of core quadrants, you can find via this link:

    Core qualities and core quadrants for list of images

    b) The model of Myer-Briggs (= To get to know yourself as a personality better)

    Free Personality Test | 16Personalities

    c) Questioning in people you know

    You can to your relations (family, Collega s, Exen, current partner, teachers, friends,…) What they find typical for you.

    (d) Self-flexy

    What role have you played as a child?What have you often been consulted as a child and as an adult? Where do you have a natural interest in? What do you have little trouble doing to master something quickly?

    3.Maslow’s theory and the worries of everyday life

    The pyramid of Maslow states that an individual can focus on self-actualization when the following steps are carried out:

    1. Breathe, eat, drink, sleep, relax, sex
    2. Safety, order, stability, health, protection
    3. Love, friendship, affection, family
    4. Status, Prestige, success, respect of and for others
    5. Study, creativity, ethics, self-awareness and so yourself can be

    Depending on your age, and the phase of expansion in your life, connecting to your true talents is sometimes a drastic measure.

    The best approach I think is that you work in phases .

    For example: A worker who needs to maintain his family, and who comes to the discovery that he is actually a true musician, can start learning to play an instrument and find a connection to a music group.If he evolves that he can get his livelihood from music he can make the possible switch.

    Finding a good coach/mentor is important here.Have a look around at good music schools, who do you have a click on?

    4.Trauma Healing

    Not everyone starts with a big portion of happiness in life.Abuse, physical and emotional neglect leaves a profound scar behind. As well as difficult financial conditions in which an individual grows up, other, more limited choices in life mean. As a result, there is an additional challenge to first heal and overcome the trauma. Only then can the focus be on discovering your true identity, and true talents.

    But never mind, overcoming a trauma also means tremendous growth as a person, giving you more tools and wisdom than the non-traumatised fellow man.

    Happiness and gratitude to the 鈧?虄kleine things in life are usually more pronounced, since one already knows the dark side of life and no longer wishes to look up.

    Good luck with your quest!

    So you are curious how you can become the best version of yourself?

    There are several ways you can apply to accomplish this.

    I’ve made a video explaining which 5 ways can help you get the best version of yourself.

    Hopefully you have some!


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