How do you get rid of fear of change in life?

If you are not where you want to be in your life, it is probably because you are stuck in your comfort zone.You are afraid of a change in life.

It’s easy to do what you’re just doing. And to stay within the limits of least resistance.

But if you want to make progress in your life, you have to break out of what you are stopping.

Here are 5 reasons why your comfort zone is stopping you in life and what you can do to change that.

1.By not taking risks, you never really discover your true self

In Your comfort zone life means that you do what is safe and easy: you know the result already. If you are afraid to take risks and do something that frightens you or that gives an uncertain outcome, then you can never understand who you really are.

We discover a lot about ourselves when we take risks: what we can handle, and what drives us.And when you connect with your real self, you open the door to change, growth, progress and insights that you can’t find within your comfort zone.


You can’t grow and learn while you’re stuck in your comfort zone

You cannot grow as a man by following the path that is already there.Learn more about yourself by doing your own way. You see and experience things that you would never see and experience if you would stay with what feels comfortable.

And with knowledge and growth comes an increased ability to do things in your life that you never imagined possible.All you have to do is start your own way.

3.If you stay within your comfort zone when you experience difficulties, you are going to postpone your life goals

It happens so often: someone comes into a difficult situation in his life, and instead of having to cope and overcome, that person takes a step back in the comfort zone.

In such difficult situations in your life it is necessary that you show courage and continue to advance.Since delaying your goals now makes them harder to realize at a later time.

4.When life becomes routine, you lose a part of yourself

Comfort feels pleasant and warm, but it is a double-edged sword.If you stay comfortable for too long, you start getting bored, lazy and complacent. You even lose your sense of usefulness.

Routine is part of your comfort zone.It gives you satisfaction right now, but in the meantime you lose your ability to mean something, to create something meaningful in your life. And with that you end up hurting yourself, and also the people around you.

5.By following the masses, you walk lost

Life gives so much more satisfaction when you learn, grow and connect by showing your greatness.When you live within your comfort zone, all of this disappears. You become lost in the masses.

If you break out of that comfort zone, you will be noticed.You are no longer a follower, but a leader. You set an example for others. Opportunities come on your path, other people get inspired by you and the world becomes a better place.

Your comfort zone is a predictable place.Dreams are dying. Life starts there.

So make a choice.

Stay within your comfort zone and keep hoping, wishing and dreaming of a better life.

Or set a step in the unknown and create your own version of how you want your life to look.

Source: Self-Confidence Coach | Career Guidance | Life Coach | John Abbas

Wim Annabel has really mentioned all the points why it is important. He is right.

Maybe some little practical points you could try if you’re not ready to tackle great things.This way you tell your brain that change is OK. The feelings then slowly become less.

  • Start by changing small, daily routines.

If you do the same every day, you don’t challenge yourself and the structure in your brain can’t be adjusted either.

  • Embrace yourself through positive affirmations.
  • It feels in the beginning as if you are just doing as or. But that changed too. Keep up with the StuG.

  • Meditation and I mean not to stay for hours with no thoughts.
  • Lol you take a positive picture in mind and there you try to focus on. For example: You focus your thoughts on how much fun it would be to have a new home. So you use your focus to set up the house. What kind of goodies, color wallpaper etc. Where does the house stand? What this does it builds a counterpart on for the thoughts of fear.

    I have commanded many fearful moments in my life.Start small and then build it up:)

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