How do you feel when you are traveling and have no phone, TomTom or card on hand?

Very very bad.But my wife, our navigateur, can read perfectly old style cards.

Abysmal.The images in my memory seem to be arbitrarily taken by a malware-infected device. Mostly it is indoor recordings which are surprisingly detailed. The type of images that took corners intuitively recorded has been deleted. Handsome shopping ladies I remember better than bearded giants on green horses.

Is this a disaster?No. Step into a luxury hotel (preferably a Hilton, Novotel, Sofitel, the better tents), smile and ask the receptionist if you sometimes can’t get a city map. So far, that could always be.

No more need to note in Budapest all the names of ‘ uts (= Street), to watch images of brave riders or flowerbeds.

NB I belong to the select club of people who got lost in Manhattan.At the point where you see the Peninsula River Mondingen and the Statue of Liberty, the ad hoc pattern of the Dutch streets has been preserved. To put in a place where nothing was winding and crooked roads, it could have been nothing but the idea of a traveled Belgian.

If it’s going to find my car back, name the street and a general sense of direction usually do a good job.I can usually remember what special buildings I have seen, squares, bridges…
Of course, that’s a bit harder if the street names look like this:

If the question is to navigate to a place where I have never been, then I need a map and a compass.

This will certainly succeed:

And what always helps:

I recall that I stand between the black and the white car! *

* (not seriously mean) * *

* * (For those who do not understand that directly)

You can focus on the state of the sun.

He goes up in the east and in the west. In the Northern hemisphere, he is mostly at the southern half of the sky, in the southern hemisphere in the north. If there Is no sun, you see, for example, in this part of the world that the moss grows on the tree bark on 1 side. For more clues, read my article:Seven ways to find the way back

Until recently I did not know in what direction it was from my house to the market.I worked in an office for years and did not know which side was the street. In short, I immediately lost direction. What I remember are numbers/numbers.

By the way, with the card on my phone and a route program, I have to get a compass first.

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