How do you develop your digital skills?

First of all, I need to define what digital skills are.The Dutch national government has placed digital skills under the same denominator as language and arithmetic. This has digital skills called the “good handling of a computer”. [1

I think this is too vague, there is no further explanation of what digital skills are.

On the following website (TE-learning. EN) These skills are explained further:[2

  1. The development of a digital identity.

This includes awareness of your online persona, its ‘ management ‘ and the impact on your reputation.

  • Skills in the use of devices and media, including finding a balance between online and offline life (digital use).
  • Digital safety, such as being able to cope with online risks such as cyberbullying and radicalisation, and the ability to handle problematic content to avoid and mitigate risks.
  • Digital security, such as the ability to recognize digital threats such as hacking, scamming, and malware, and being able to use tools that help protect your data.
  • Digital Emotional intelligence.
  • This includes the ability to be online empathic and to engage in good online relationships with others.

  • Digital communication, or the ability to use digital technologies and media to communicate and collaborate with others.
  • Digital literacy.
  • This includes information skills and computational thinking.

  • Digital rights.
  • This includes understanding and being able to apply personal and legal rights, such as freedom of expression, to protect you from ‘ hate speech ‘, intellectual property and privacy aspects.

    How did I develop in all these these digital skills?

    1. I am trying to build a good reputation.

    I do not write inflammatory texts on the internet and I try to approach everything positively. I’m good to find online. Potential employers can see my digital traces that I have been positively engaged.

  • I am skillful in using devices and media.
  • When using new programs and gadgets I ask, should it be necessary, the help of others: friends and colleagues.

  • In developing these skills, I also turn to colleagues and friends.
  • I also read the government websites to protect myself from attacks. Furthermore, I must take care by only making positive contributions online that people can possibly distinguish which contributions are really mine and which of any hackers.

  • I use virus scanner and I avoid the obscure websites to visit.
  • This point is associated with pun 1 and 3. If you are positive and empathic in real life, then you will be in the virtual world as well.
  • This point hangs together point 2.
  • This is another development point for me.
  • I can do a little programming and coding. If I have extra time, I would like to deepen my further.

  • I’m already working on this.
  • I am active on Wikimedia projects and on Quora. By actively working on this, I am building more and more knowledge about digital rights.

    This was in short how I develop my digital skills.I hope you will get a good impression of this.

    Thank you for asking me this question Evert Buisman (Evert Buisman).


    [1 developing digital skills

    [2 Eight essential digital skills

    Mainly by just continuing to do and in particular also doing new things regularly.I work as a software developer and have been very experienced in my field but I often go outside this “comfort zone” to learn new things.

    For example, PHP.I have a huge dislike of that language because it is a huge mess and many PHP developers write pure mess. But nevertheless I have good knowledge of it, I can write code in PHP and also judge well on quality. And that’s pretty handy, even with such a pruts language! (I may say it, because I am expert!)

    I was also very early with digital photography and already had a digital camera in 1995.Nowadays the cheapest webcams already have better possibilities but at the time it was new and I started practicing with digital photography. And so I’ve become a reasonable amateur photographer.

    In 2004 I saw an attendance in web development, which would be important and at that time I was working on the Internet for about 10 years.I could already handle HTML well and was well aware of the techniques from that time. (PHP, huh?) But I also realise that websites need images and find a good image without licensing costs was very tricky. (And no, I didn’t want to violate copyrights!) So I decided to make a 3D model and start rendering my own pictures. That gave me an infinite number of possibilities where I am limited only by my own skills. And with the right software you can create beautiful landscapes or use all sorts of models.

    And after 3D rendering also came the 3D printing, which I do some more recently.Much practiced alone it is a pity that it is a little pricey hobby.

    I also started practicing in the field of electronics.Just bought an Arduino sign and later a few more variants of it. The DigiSpark, the Raspberry Pi and even NodeMCU. And also just raw processors like the ATTiny85 and other ATTine/megaprocessors. However, here I regularly come short of time, but it remains fun and is immensely instructive.

    Well, and then in my own field, huh?My work often consists of setting up data models and creating libraries to access those data. Formerly mainly in Delphi but later in .NET and nowadays in .NET Core. Tremendously interesting and challenging, especially since the techniques are changing again and again. Am currently learning on the Fluent API within .NET Core as this differs from the old .NET. But it’s nice because I can now create a data model in C# for databases running on MAC, Linux and even mobile devices. So, even if I had this knowledge before but beyond .NET Core.

    So the secret is just continuing to learn.If you are a software developer It also means that you have to compile your own projects to work on and continue to maintain this. You just have to keep learning continuously.

    In addition, it also helps to find a lot of questions about digital skills on Quora, and then it is a good answer.Preferably replies without personal preference. This means that if someone asks what the best language is to create a site, then there is a chance that PHP is recommended. (Or Python, but PHP is preferred because the syntax looks more like C.)

    I have been developing these digital skills from an early age and I have kept this up to date.

    It is best to develop his digital skills by continuing to work on it, or by regularly reading a good magazine about computers.

    If it is used vocationally, regular training (courses enough!) is a must.

    Being digitally capable can mean that someone can communicate well via social media and the Internet.It can also mean fat someone can properly program or build websites. I think you mean it first, therefore this is my answer:

    The word skill refers to practical knowledge.Digital skills develop the fastest by becoming active on many platforms, following discussions and thus looking at the art of others. Don’t stay too long a lurker, decide quite quickly to enter and engage the arena yourself, ask for yourself or discuss things. So you learn it.

    Just a little bit to kloten with a computer and a laptop.Some read here and there and above all a lot of Internet.

    Based on what I need or because I’m running somewhere.Nowadays very much via YouTube, two screens open and just click through until I snap it.

    Despite a good basic knowledge there are so many new apps and online programs/services that I use that it is no longer to do to follow a course for everywhere.A program without a good basis is quickly in the trash, the interface should be plain.

    So YouTube, because often ‘ the help ‘ function of a program leaves a lot to be desired.You are quickly in a loop. So I’ve already erased a lot;)

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