How do you destroy a narcissist?

The longer you stay busy with the narcissist, the longer it takes you to come to yourself.Wanting to destroy a narcissist is the ultimate means of the narcissist the other to bind himself and thus continue to get the much needed supply from you! Negative supply is also supply, often even finer.

So don’t be abusing and hood all ties with the narcissist!Even spying is nothing but to maintain this band. Do not do so, because of your beautiful self, that so gladly open and free will exist! Especially for you than for all the other mooierds next to you.

The “destruction” of a narcissist will give you nothing at all.You’re tufted in, and that’s annoying enough.

Revenge is like drinking poison and believing that the other will die.

I would not even ask myself that question, let alone others.

I have better things to do, than to keep me busy with a narcissist.I just don’t let it come so far, that I have to ask myself how to ‘ destroy ‘ it.

A narcissist is someone with a serious mental illness.It is someone who needs therapy, but it will always deny it. I have been married for 17 years with someone.

The only thing you can do is step up.

How can it get so far that you are wondering and want to learn about how to destroy another person?Do you realize what you are doing? Do you realise that you are actually saying, “I have become such a bad man that I want to help another man in damnation?”

And so you are threatening to descend to the depths of that which you want to fight against?You threaten to be what you hate.

Don’t do it.Let it loose. All the pain you have suffered is never becoming a member. What has been said to you is never to be explained, and what you have been inflicted on is never to be seen. What you lost will not get you back.

But you still have your own humanity and dignity.Make sure you retain it.

Break all contact with your martyr, and therefore really all.Any thought to him or her is already too much. He or she will forget you soon enough as long as you do not pay attention to him or her. Blocking songs and social media, no more watching his or hers. Delete that contact. Take another e-mail address and not pass it on to him or her. Set his e-mail address as spam and junk. And if you are in the opportunity, relocate, and do not send any change of address. Change your itineraries to work, every day. Don’t talk about private things with people you don’t trust 100%, and not with people you know they also have a relationship with him or her. Also block their social media, or restrict their access to certain messages.

In Short: Pay as less attention as possible to a narcissistic personality that you are ‘ ready for ‘.Preferably none at all. Every thought is too much. Revanche is a regular term.

Be happy, independent and uninfluable.

Narcissistic (Is it now daffite or daffically?I’m thinking I’m confused with English) people feed on your life happiness as a vampire. You can deny them that food by being independent, and find your happiness elsewhere.

You don’t have to rub them under the nose.In fact, it is counterproductive. For if you want to prove your happiness towards the narcissist then you implicitly ask for approval and confirmation, and that is precisely how they influence you and pull back into their world.

If you have been raised by a narcissist then they are in your head.You have been trained for years to keep yourself under restraint. Because if you get yourself well-drained then you prevent a burner. Once you are grown up, you have no legal obligation whatsoever to make anything with the narcissist, but the “inner narcissist” is planted in your brain and you can be difficult from it.

The first step is to leave both physically and emotionally as far as possible.
The second step is to take a closer look at everything you have learned and train yourself again.I did it myself but I heard that therapy can help a lot. If I had to/could do it all I would.

No more watering.

Let him have no influence on your feelings.No love, no regrets, no frustration, no hate, no energy, no narcissist. And be happy!

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