How do you deal with fatigue when you are dealing with multiple diseases at Tegerlijkertime where the main symptoms are fatigue and pain?

I do recognise something in your question.I have suffered from a number of autoimmune diseases and have been felled for a long time by pain and fatigue. I have much better control In ijdels, with orthomolecular supplements and other less regular measures. The fatigue forces me to make sure that I am not so far out that I have no energy. I live alone so it is not convenient when I get tired of home and no more energy to prepare something good or to even stand up from the couch to make a plate of food. Of course, this still happens, because life sometimes requires more than I have energy. That’s frustrating of course but you don’t buy anything for it.

The first is thus trying to avoid t coming so far and the second is accepting it as t yet as far as third strategy is less demanding.

I got a lot of tips, for example: Be the first to have food at home. Make sure there is healthy variation, which you can get with little effort on a board.

Another tip, for tiring jobs, like changing your bed or vacuuming the house: Do it in stages, by dividing it into smaller tasks you can stop faster.You only go through if you still have PUF. Another strategy is not to go too far from home. Then you can still get back when you hit energy.

Furthermore, you are forced to seek entertainment that does not cost energy.Your bed and your bedroom may be a pleasant space, without clutter, light and clean and with fresh air. You have to spend a lot of time there.

On harsh days you can have some fruit or dried fruit with your bed, and a bottle of water.So you can have breakfast on bed, even if no one brings your breakfasts to bed.

Don’t you get to people who don’t understand your problems.That problem you will not solve. You don’t have to defend yourself. But I continue to find that too nasty, of those who are snating and those unheakingly remarks. That hurts. Don’t go into it, stand above it.

What has brought me a lot has continued to deepen me in the cause of that terrible fatigue and pain.It is often about autoimmune diseases. Against this fatigue B12 helps if there is a shortage, B1, B-complex in general. Against the pain MSM, LDN, CBD oil, magnesium and so there is much more that really does something ASN your health.

All this is not regularly cared for and not reimbursed so consider that but if your main hobby, investing in your health is the most important thing you can do for yourself.

Finally, a regular life is really inevitable, but you already had it.Do not be angry or sad if that does not always succeed, but accept that your life is limited by your complaints.

And as far as that sadness is concerned, it may sometimes be, mourning for sickness and lack also has a function.

And if you do not understand all those tricky medical texts: do not give up, keep looking, if necessary half an hour oer times.In the long term, you’ll understand more about it. There are so many companions to be found thanks to the Internet, who would like to help you find the right way, they have more patience than your doctor and are willing to explain complicated matters simply because there was someone who has done it for them.

The Internet really changes the view of medicine through that shared knowledge.

Lots of strength, if you’ve come up here you’re a go-getter!And the best.

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