How do you cope with tricky people at work?

By speaking to the colleague on his behaviour in the “I” form.

Sometimes people at work can be incredibly tricky.If you have already had a deal with someone who is incredibly unruly, you also know that the situation can escalate quickly.

But what can you do about it yourself? How do you make a breakthrough and do you defuse the time bomb into your relationship?

Because on the one hand you want to make your point clear, but then you do not want to stir up the fire of the conflict. It helps to know what you want to accomplish in a conflict.And the important thing is to stop, think for a moment and then do something unexpected.

These are 9 easy and effective tips to get a breakthrough in any situation with a tricky colleague.


Validating means valuing, confirming, ratiting.It wants to say simply to talk or to give equal. Through validation, you let the other find that you are really trying to grasp the logic of his behaviour or opinion -no matter how you are not even with him/her!

You will be amazed by what this simple action brings.Because a common reason why people are resisting is because they feel not heard or understood. They validate and listen to them to make them feel meaningful is the quickest way to get ahead.

2.Think like them

Just imagine being in their shoes.What do they want? If you were in their situation, how would that feel? This tip alone will bring you far because most people only see one viewpoint: their own viewpoint. Skilled troubleshooters can switch perspectives.

3.Do not offer any resistance

Against which you resist, will continue to exist.People tend to give you more resistance when you are resisting them. Spend a little extra time learning to know their point of view and ask them to understand their viewpoint (and nod ‘ yes ‘ with your head if you can understand them).

4.When you listen, gently tilt your head

We do not only communicate with words, but also with our body language.When you tilt your head slightly to the side, people feel more listened to. This trick will also help you to listen more carefully.

5.Know your desired result

Before you communicate, you should stop thinking about how you feel as a result of your conversation (for example, relieved).And also decide how you want to make the other feel (validated for example). And finally, you have to be flexible -just as you would like them to be flexible as well.


Be open to the learning point

Very often there is also a life lesson to learn from the situation in which someone is difficult to behave against you.For example, how you generally interact with people, or how a conflict arises and what your role is in it, or what a conflict looses you. Be open to those learning lessons that are larger than the specific situation itself.

7.Create a band

Sometimes you can change the subject and agree on something completely different from what the conflict is about, and create a band.

8.Relativeer the situation

No longer nourish the negativity.Comprehensive rantings and long e-mails can escalate an already difficult situation even further. Instead, listen very quietly to the other, so that they do not feel in the defensive but understood.

9.Break the pattern

People often behave like robots: Someone touches a sensitive string and hops, we react to the story that lives in our heads.When you deal with a difficult person, break the pattern by asking a question that totally has nothing to do with the conflict. This breaks the story that they play in their heads, and you can easily demine the situation.

Depends on how tricky they are, does not depend on their rank.

If people are light to medium irritating, it is best to appeal to them and avoid them but maintain a working relationship with them.

Its people medium to annoyingly irritating then you can best avoid them as much as possible and where that is not possible just pretend these people do not exist this sounds hard but generally works well.

People who really fall under the category of bullies completely ghost just those aren’t there. You will need to deal with it so you will have to send paper or email, but I can assume that most people nowadays have an identification number, they are talking to them. Limit you purely to the marketeer what should be transferred not sincerely not this or that just a and b do for that and that time day or not even gedag.

That is an extremely hard approach I am aware of but some people do not understand that you do not want to contact them so just ignore them oh and there will be a best comment.

But as long as you deliver excellent work they can make you little nothing actually

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