How do you become someone you want people to hang around with?

You can become someone with whom people like to hang out, it is a matter of practicing to strengthen your sympathetic appearance.

These are seven traits that have sympathetic people common and that you can practice.

1.They are not uncertain

Sympathetic people do not depart from uncertainty.

They are going to contact others from the thought “I bet I’m going to match that other well, I really want to get to know him/her better.

Approach other people and situations from a positive mindset.

Others will notice that.

When you’re not yet up to it, it helps to pretend – so you can reduce your uncertainty in the first instance.

2.They are really

Sympathetic people are not trying to be something they are not.

If you don’t know something, then admit it.

If you do not agree with what someone else claims, do not hide behind a made smile.

But honestly admit that you don’t see it in the same way as the other.

Therefore, do not break the other.

Just try to find out from where his/her viewpoint comes and tries to understand it.

3.They do not judge

When you are judging, people can feel it.

Even when you smile and hide your negative feelings, people around you can still feel that you have just felled a negative judgement about them.

Instead of seeing others as good or bad, it seeks to understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, choices and mistakes.

This is the philosophy of life of sympathetic people.

As long as no one is hurt, they will not judge the values or moral of another.


They are positive

The media are already full of negative news.

Therefore, be a positive voice.

It will make people happy to talk to you.

A conversation is an opportunity to make a deeper connection with another person.

This will not succeed by talking only about the calves and the calf.

Be genuinely interested in the other.

Engage in every conversation with the goal of giving the other a sense of sympathy and respect.

If the other has a problem and he/she would like help, make sure you help the other.

5.They touch people

A pat on the shoulder, shaking hands, and (sometimes) a hug makes people feel good in your neighborhood.

A touch breaks through the physical barrier of distance and immediately also the emotional barrier created by that distance.

Touching is an art, and the first attempts may be strange to you, but practice makes perfect.

6.They are not afraid of people

Sympathetic people spend time with others, they dare to appeal to others.

They keep in touch with their acquaintances.

If you want to be a sympathetic, come out of your comfort zone and build relationships.

7.They love people sincerely

But people don’t always do so fine,” you might think.

Indeed, everyone sometimes has a bad day.

But most people are ultimately pleasant.

They give to others.

Sympathetic people know this, and therefore they love others.

They want to get to know others better, and engage in every interaction with a positive expectation.

The more you find other people sympathetic, the more sympathetic you become.

Sympathetic people weren’t always as sympathetic as they are today.

They decided at a certain time to become who they are now.

And now it seems like they magically build friendships.

But you can do this too.

Develop these seven habits and you will become someone whom people like to hang around with.

Be nice….

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