First of all you must remove the cover or replace it if needed, then loosen the bolts holding the tank down. Lift it off and use a wrench or screwdriver to slowly tighten the top of the toilet seat, loosening first the two nuts at the bottom of the seat and then the three bolts that hold it in the top of the tank.

What is Kohler DryLock system?

The Kohler Dry Lock system adds a moisture sensor to your shower head. It will automatically shut off your shower head when it detects that the water is too wet. This allows you to stay in the shower a little longer than usual. Kohler has a lifetime warranty.

Do I need to caulk around a toilet?

Most bathroom floors are sealed with liners. The liners are not usually caulk, so a standard application of silicone caulk on the bathroom tile is usually all you need to fill that gap between the shower and the toilet.

How long does wax seal on toilet last?

Wax lasts on the Toilet 6-10 weeks, depending on how often it’s cleaned, but in the long haul, wax tends to wear out first.

Furthermore, why does my toilet tank leak when I flush?

If you have a leaking toilet, do so do not continue to flush it. This will only make it worse and could result in serious damage to the plumbing system and cause a flood and serious damage.

Are Sterling toilets made by Kohler?

Kohler is best known as a builder of bathroom toilets, but the company now also offers the premium Kohler Elite toilet. It’s the perfect all-around toilet and one of the few top-line toilets out there. It costs a bit more than our pick, but at more than $800, it’s a significant investment.

How long do toilet tank gaskets last?

3 years to 6 years

Are there different size toilet gaskets?

The most important part of any toilet is the gasket, so it’s important to choose the right size in the first place. The size depends on how many people will share the toilet and how big the toilet bowl is, as a general rule the thicker the gasket the better, if you want to make it fit, it’s a lot easier if there’s room inside.

Simply so, are tank to bowl gaskets universal?

For many years, there has be a wide variety of gaskets used in automotive engines to prevent water leaks or for sealing the cylinder liner and cylinder head. They are known either as gasket types A (the most common type, in the image to the left) or type C. All gaskets (types A and C) have an internal nylon support.

What size tank to bowl gasket do I need?

2″ x3 1/4″ or 3/4 inch. When looking for the correct gasket size, it is important to measure the circumference and the inside diameter of the bowl hole. This allows you to select the right gasket. The most common size is 2 inches by 3 inches.

How do I stop my toilet tank from leaking?

To prevent a toilet or other vessel from leaking, it is essential to provide the toilet with a rubber flange, preferably a flush valve with a T-flange. If you do not use a toilet flange rubber seal, you can use a 3/8th inch seal flange or a similar rubber seal.

Why would a toilet leak from the tank?

A low water tank often causes the toilet to leak due to a faulty seal. If the lid of the tank seal was damaged over time, water could leak out of the tank. An improperly adjusted flapper valve could cause your toilet to leak, especially if the flapper is rusted or damaged.

Should a toilet tank wobble?

Wobbly toilet tank. Because a toilet’s toilet tank is usually made of plastic, it may shift in shape or deform under stress. To keep the plastic tank from turning on its axis, the toilet tank attaches to the toilet bowl with four bolts. This helps keep the toilet tank centered on the toilet. In many cases, a wobble toilet tank is simply the toilet tank that’s defective.

Why is my new toilet rocking back and forth?

Determine the cause of your toilet’s annoying rattling noise. First try to eliminate and replace worn parts and inspect the entire toilet flange assembly for loose parts. The cause could be a loose seal causing water to splash back and forth on the floor of the tank.

How do you change toilet tank bolts?

Use a Torx bit that is the same size as the bolt your toilet is mounted to loosen then tighten. The handle of the socket should be perpendicular to the head. For loosening your bolts, press down on the handle and unscrew the head. Then just back off the handle.

Why do toilet wax rings fail?

Toilets should last at least 15 years and ideally 20 years. Unfortunately, the toilet wax ring typically fails before then, often within the first 2 years, so toilet manufacturers typically have a long warranty, particularly for older products. It’s important to note that toilet wax rings are typically inexpensive and therefore are easily replaced.

In this regard, how do you attach a Kohler tank to a toilet?

The Kohler tank has two watertight parts – the base and the cover. The base is connected to the bottom of the toilet bowl or tank, and the base has two parts that seal with the cover in the tank – the side and the hinge pin.

Why is my toilet leaking around the base?

If there is no water coming from the tank, the problem lies with your waste pipe. Look inside your toilet before you flush your toilet and see if water is leaking from there. If the water has seeped out, the seal around the base may be compromised and it may be time for a repair.