How do you approach a website to see if they would welcome a guest post from you or your company?

I broadly agree with Esther, but I want to give it a nuancing.I get daily requests for guest articles for my website. And most I throw away without even blinking my eyes, these are the reasons:

  1. They haven’t looked on my website
  2. They haven’t read the page about guest logging on my website, so they do absolutely no trouble for it, an easy-going guest writer I don’t want on my blog, I want to do someone involved and research that guarantees almost all a good articles
  3. They want everything and offer nothing, or marginally
  4. They want follow-links and I only give them if I want to
  5. They have gene content that matched with my website
  6. They call me Sir in the introductory sentence * Fallow *
  7. They don’t use a good email address but Hotmail old, there I also get itching of
  8. They leave no room for negotiation
  9. Their text is cut paste, and not personal

Well they are about it.If you turn it around now you might be able to post a guest mail on my blog * grin *.

Placing a guest arch with a call to action to a product of yourself, I find not done, you can consider linking to a landing page where your product is then promoted, but not directly to the shopping cart, and even that I do not find so appropriate.Better it is to log guest to increase the brand awareness of your website. And for that, you really don’t have to knock on the 鈧?虄big Jongens , the Google algorithm looks at content, not numbers, and a small website can also rank high in the search results, just because they do super on points like :

  1. Relevant articles
  2. Use keywords and mobile search terms
  3. Constant Flow Articles
  4. Good navigate-Bare website
  5. Regularly updated (and I don’t mean just post blog posts)
  6. Obviously good SEO
  7. SEO Friendly Titles
  8. Have a good niche market
  9. Responding to the latest Google algorithms and terms (there is more than catchy titles and SEO/keywords)

I hope this answer helps you out a bit.

See if the subject of that website first fits what you want to write.Then discover a popular post on that website and see if you can write a relevant post that complements either the popular article or may be a related blog.

Write the blog and use keywords you’ve researched and want to score.Enter the title of your guest blog and a short content and the power of your keyword if you approached the blog website.

That way you are already jumping out.In addition, every busy blogger wants to have good content on his or her website.

Make sure it’s a highly-scoring website to achieve maximum profit.And above all, conclude with a nice CTA to your own free relevant giveaway. And a nice bio in which and your website and once again the CTA links have been processed.

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