How do the narcissists victims know that their partners were indeed narcissists?

This security is only available through a diagnosis.Nowadays this diagnosis is in a spectrum of the zgn. Cluster B because this personality disorder very often overlaps with other disorders in this Cluster. It is important for no one to know whether an ex-partner had a personality disorder. This will put the own experience in a victim-offender structure, with which the child is washed away with the bathwater, namely to donate attention to the own deficient self-sharing, which have brought someone into a narcissistic relationship and in the Have to maintain a rule for too long.

This question is irrelevant.It is easier to recognize the typical symptoms of the victim: a narcissist is harder to diagnotitise than his victim.
The emotional manipulation of narcissistic abuse leaves someone in the typical condition of “narcissive abuse syndrome”.Symptoms such as strong inferiority feelings and misplaced guilt associated with the suffered trauma, social isolation, disturbed concentration, insomnia, great difficulty with disintoxication of the damage caused by the relationship with A narcissistic partner.
A person who has undergone rape also does not wonder how one can know that you were indeed having a rapist.

There are many psychological problems that people may have.

So totally sure is difficult.

But if you are together with someone, and things are not correct, and suddenly he shows his true nature, then it becomes clear that you have to deal with a mentally ill person.

Then you go looking, wondering what it can be.

In my case I came to covert narcissist.If I read about it it is almost 100% appropriate.

The only thing that I didn’t think of there is that my ex always runs to chat against himself.Something he tried to hide the first year because he knows that it is a sign of a mental illness. Something I didn’t even see when I saw it. If a homeless would do that, you know you can stay better away. But because a narcissist can normally come over, I didn’t do it right.

Also, he sometimes seems to have some things of a sociopath.

Hence, hard 100% sure to know.

A narcissist is someone who has 2 personalities in one, and who can function very well in everyday life.And very normal and friendly can come over. Which everyone thinks he/she is normal.

They are crazy about flattery, and allergic to criticism.And have a very big feeling of shame.

And if there is a chance that their illness will come out for the world to see, then they put everything on everything to prevent that.And they try to make the person who knows their secret completely black. So that no one believes their more what it has to tell. Making that black can go very far, they can also go from one accusation to another. If one doesn’t work, see if the other works.

It can become dangerous for those who know their secrets.And there are those who come to death under suspicious circumstances. Poisoning is a VD thing they are known for.

With my ex it was very extreme, and difference in person.

He can very well play the honest dear man.Which is more reliable loving. When you look in his eyes you see nothing of the dark side. Absolutely nothing. Anyone who comes across him or came, just can’t believe what I know about him. Luckily I have evidence, or my family would think I was wrong. That powerlessness if you have no evidence is terrible.

Behind my back he did everything he said himself not wanting.He said he wanted a faithful traditional relationship. But what he did behind my back was everything except.

He literally had sex with everyone he suggested to me.Ex wife and her husband. And was always actively looking for more sex. With men and women. Social Media, dating sites, Sex clubs,, massage houses.

And when he came home in the evening, he had no problem to look at me again.No dirt in the air, no shred of guilt in his eyes.

When I found out he was so out of his skin that I could see that he was not normal, and that something was wrong with that man.And that he was not only sex addicted. Then there were all sorts of mental games from him.

You will never be sure what is really wrong, because he will not want to work with it to be examined.But if you are confronted with it, then you know that you have a fool to deal with.

The only difference between him and a fool sitting in the madhouse is that he can generally go through life as normal, without anyone seeing that he is very ill.

In the beginning, you want guilt, and regret. Until it penetrated me that he is really mad, and that it belongs to that disease.That he does not feel schult.

Then you don’t need any explanation.

There is a list searchable with limited question-once made by experts-which can help identify narcissists.No diagnosis, but just enough to have a good impression.
No involvement of the verdachgte is necessary, so it is quite useful.

With the list, you can have the person on a scale of 1 -20 Platsen.Between 17 -20, it is almost certain that you have a narcissist-psychopath, but living with a 15 -16 is also Moejelijk.
Looking for specific pages on the Internet, my level of Dutch is not good enough to help more.

They don’t know for sure, but the narcissistic treks are well recognizable and the relationship pattern too.For convenience, people speak of ‘ narcisten ‘. But in most cases there is a partner with narcissistic traits.

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