How do some people learn so many languages?

A high IQ, a special talent, a secret trick you don’t need.This does not mean that everyone can do it. Also not people who do have a very high IQ, or are civil engineer and motivated.

My method starts with the choice of a grammar that does not treat every detail and is not too concise. I choose one that is written specifically for Dutch speakers (each language requires a grammar that is aligned with the language of the student).
You also buy a Dutch grammar that meets the same requirements.
Online you can find “Glossary of grammatical terminology of language X” and “List of grammar terminology of Dutch”.Choose both lists which also have definitions and vbn. Contain. Print that off. You can also find lists of the 800 most commonly used words in a language.

Begin by studying and comparing the table of contents of the grammars.It gives you an insight into the structure and importance that is attached to the parts.

It is useful your books (grammar, exercises incl.Solutions, sound carriers with pronunciation exercises, possibly dictionaries) from the same publisher to buy. There are also books that offer all-in-one. The choice is in your hands.

It’s nice quick to book results, but I start on pg 1 of my grammar.In a language with a non-Latin alphabet, it is difficult to thoroughly control the pronunciation and its accompanying rules and reproduce the manuscript.

I remember classes of Greek where everyone wrote a cramp to jot down what the teacher explained in full sentences.I myself already had a shortened way of taking notes: with keywords, tabs and arrows to indicate a structure. The teacher showed my scripture to the whole class as an example of not having to write down every word. I think my father once taught me.

So I came up with the idea that I could also summarize speech art in an almost mathematical way.Only with my tables, arrows and signs of own invention. Studying took me less time, while my classmates learned pages full of sentences just about from outside.

For every language (Latin, Greek, French, English, German) I had large sheets that I kept up to the end of the middle school.Instead of searching for the subtler rules of Ancient Greek every year in old scriptures, I just had to take a look at my mega-blades.

If I learn a new language, or a fresh one, I’ll print that I don’t know anything about that language.Is it time to get rid of my French, then I start with Hfst. I the article, if I was a Sri Lankaan who did not know that French was a language.

Of course I have great advantages: I was barely 7 when I burst into crying at the table during a family dinner with my French relatives.So deeply the frustration was that I did not understand iota. From then on I was sent a month to the Puy-de-D么me (Mountain and Department) every year. How I managed without even knowing the article, keeping me standing, I do not understand yet. There is no language that I speak better than French. Never will the simpler English become my second language. Never. If I wake up at night in a burning house, I can still switch to fluent French immediately.

I do not speak so many languages.I just don’t have the time for it. Two years ago, I wrote a final work on gynaecology in Bokm氓l (Norwegian) for a friend in her last year of nursing and in time distress. Now Bokm氓l is a very simple artificial language based on Norwegian dialects. I had mastered them in 4 days and was successful (MBV a dictionary and Nl. sources).

When I was 11, I stayed for a month in Italy and crazy enough I decided before leaving… Learn Italian.After a year with nine hours of Latin and 5 hours of French a week, I took an Italian textbook in the bib, recognized enough French and Calimero-Latin not to see any bones in the Italian language.
My pas divorced friend took me to keep his son company and attacked Egg as soon as I suddenly asked an Italian the way.Also the man was very surprised that that blond boy (with an accent that I had borrowed from the voluptuous RAI presentatrices… I think) said he had learned it from a book. He would certainly tell at home, he said. I received a free ice cream and a bright orange Fanta from an image-clean icesales star. It does not become better. Really not.

I missed her naughty little eyes and her smile when I reunified GDR years later in the PAS with the FRG, a wrong word for ‘ baguette ‘ and in my face was laughed at.(*)

(*) I asked in the best supermarket of the city to ‘ Ein franzsisches Brot ‘ and was told: ‘ Ohne Zweifel, ein Bldsinniger Franzose… ‘ On which I replied: ‘ ohne Zweifel bist du so bldsinarly, dass du nicht realisiert, dass ein Kunde jetzt wichtiger ist as du und, dass ich sofort deinem abteilungsleiter sagas Werde, von dir ins Gesicht taktlos l盲cherlich hand zu sein.Im West kann das ohne Kommentar deine Arbeitsplatz cost. ‘

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