How do pharmaceutical products pollute the environment?

Outside the boxes and blisters, jars, etc., most of the products for internal use are excreted by the body through the urine, and come into the wastewater.And are often very tricky to get out of it again. Residual products of BV. For example, the pill can affect the fertility of fish and amphibians.

You know, it seems that you are giving to the environment and ultimately have good intentions.However, by the way you focus you will probably reach opposite. Just wondering what exactly your question does, how and with what possible result and/or whether or not already caused results as with the time when I have typed this reply replies from other already present.

You ask about environmental pollution and then you are interested in how pharmaceutical products cause pollution.Yet?

Yeah, huh?Or if not consider the rest of this argument as not applicable because I am building it with thought that you are here with my re-questioning of your question but just something else though that which I understand also does. In other words I’m trying to grab your “hand” here to make any opinions difference that not yours and mine also aren’t intentions. And do I try to gamble in advance that your question comes out of love and to give it that with everything goes in general good, as with natural beauty and/or remains. That which you may only suspect or perhaps quite a lot of knows how that is going to be threatened by pharma products and your thought is that if one is at least aware of what damage pharma products inflict. Then the rest of any necessary action will be initiated.

Is it right?

Or is your intent to get some more behind how something is being disrupted, damaged and destroyed in this case pharma products, then you are going to try to become even more damaging if you understand as well as possible how exactly pollution is in each other?

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