How do narcissists prefer to end relationships?

As always, I can only write about my narcissist.

But I know how he kept his EXs and finally me.

One of his EXen came into the castle and there he was gone.He said: “It was clear that she had to focus on her healing prosthesis. She didn’t want to see me anymore, I found that so sad.”

Between there was one who did not want to bind.She was also allowed to move into his flat (he had to come in and go in his flat, and no I am not writing about a 20-year-old here). According to him, he only had…… Well, one day when he learned that she had another time (she was equally transparent and wanted to be open to others) he pulled one out of the club. He let the club lady sit in his room, sneaked into the room of the “unfaithful” lady and had sex with her. He told me that he had insulted her all the time during the act and wanted to punish her. After this action he walked cheerfully to his room where the unused lady was still waiting.

The next one was probably real love!!!They were happy together until he started many projects in his student union. The lady was not so happy and ended the relationship after some arguments! (she did it right). However, he rejected his studies (but I know there were other reasons for his graduation) and wanted the ex back. When they started to meet again, he met a great girl. And so it came as it was to come, he met with both of them. And on the same day he let his waiting date (the old woman) sit and went to the new one! According to the narcissist, the old woman hurt him so much that he just wanted to see if she would take him back.

Now he had the next one, who was allowed to move into the flat immediately.But she would have cheated on him, and he forgave her (the good one). She didn’t want to let him go, for no reason. In addition to this dilemma, he had so much to do and had to do so many projects and she was just nagging because he was always (professionally) away in the evening. So he asked her to move out of the apartment. But she probably didn’t take it so easily. And, according to Narcissism, he has gone out with unnecessary drama and even damaged doors and other things.

Still with the excerpt of this, the narcissist has started something with the other WG colleague.And guess what? It was love again! They wanted children and have already made big plans for the future. He was sweet with her until he met me. But the old woman did not know that she came on the firing list because he had found something new. She was just magical to him and since he always (professionally of course) had so much to do, she tried to take him as he was. But he began to devaluate his arms and so on and so on…..until it was at one point and finally put him to the fore. She didn’t get the True Answer and was just dumped overnight.

At that time he had been with me for almost a year!!I didn’t know anything about his double life, nothing!!!! We had big plans for the future and just wanted a child so much.

Now he disposed of me when I found out all this and much more (in my pregnancy) and couldn’t look at him so magically or adore him.How exactly did he do that…

Alma Reh’s Answer to What does a narcissist do when you recognize his narcissistic behavior?

His comment on all these women: “I don’t know how I always get the psychos”!!!!

All these women were beautiful and confident when they met him!

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