Upload AutoIT file to Selenium Webdriver

  1. Open Eclipse and start writing code.
  2. When Selenium clicks the Choose File button, the file uploader panel opens.
  3. Then we need to call AutoIT-Script, immediately pass control to AutoIT to upload a file, and then pass control back to Selenium as shown below.

Then we can also wondering how to use AutoIt ?

Upload file in Selenium with AutoIt

  1. Step 1: Identify the Windows control. 1) Navigate to ToolsQA’s Practice Form page.
  2. Step 2: Create an AutoIt script using the identified Windows control.
  3. Step 3: Compile the . au3 script and convert it to . exe file.
  4. Step 4: Call the .exe file in the Selenium test case.

Also, how do I load a file sendKeys high ? Uploading files to WebDriver is done by simply using the sendKeys() method in the file selector input field to enter the path to the file to be uploaded. Using WebDriver and Wget

  1. Import “java“.
  2. Use getAttribute() to get the “href” value of the download link and store it as a string variable.

How do I upload files to the robot class here?

Upload a file using the robot class

  1. Click the “Add files…” button.
  2. Use the “uploadFileWithRobot” method to upload the sw-test-academy.png image file to the images folder.
  3. Check if the image has been uploaded as shown below.

How do I download an AutoIt file?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Download and install the AutoIt tool from here.
  2. Open Programs – Autoit Tool – SciTE Script Editor and paste the AutoIt script mentioned below into the Autoit editor and save it as ‘DownloadFile.au3’ in your system.
  3. Convert it as ‘DownloadFile.exe’
  4. In Eclipse, add and run the Selenium script mentioned below.

How to install AutoIt?

Install AutoIt in Windows

  1. Click Download at AutoIt Complete Installation.
  2. Click on the AutoIt exe file.
  3. The Setup Wizard screen will appear and you will be prompted to click the Next button.
  4. The License Agreement screen will appear.
  5. If you have a 64 -bit operating system, you will be prompted to choose one of the following two options.

What is StringSelection in Java?

A class that uses the Implemented capability required to transfer a simple Java string in plain text format. StringSelection(String) Creates a transmittable object capable of transmitting the specified string in plain text format.

How do I scroll down in Selenium?

To scroll the web page , you can use JavascriptExecutor. Create an object for JavascriptExecutor and call the web driver. Then run the script with a scrollTo function and you can use it to either scroll to a specific section or to the bottom of your page.

How does Selenium verify the downloaded PDF?


  1. Download the PDFBox API from here.
  2. Point to the PDFBox jar file in your Selenium project.
  3. Now use the following Code to convert PDF content to text. For this purpose, the PDFBox API is used along with the Java input stream.
  4. Use the TestNG assert command to verify that the PDF file is “Open the setting. xml, you can see it’s text.

What is AutoIt used for?

AutoIt. AutoIt v3 is a BASIC-like freeware scripting language designed for Windows GUI automation and general scripting. It uses a combination of simulated keystrokes, mouse movements, and window/control manipulations to automate tasks in ways not possible or reliable with other languages.

How do I download a file in Java?

How to download a file from a URL in Java

  1. FileChannel. transferFrom()
  2. Files.copy() Starting with Java 7, we can use the java.nio.file.Files.copy() method to copy all bytes from an input stream to a file.
  3. Simple Java. In plain Java, we can read the file byte by byte from the input stream and write the bytes to a file output stream.
  4. Apache Commons IO.

What is the latest version of AutoIt available on the market?

AutoIt (latest stable version) v3. 3.14. 5. This is the latest stable version of AutoIt.

How does AutoIt handle Windows pop-ups?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Before, double-click compiling your script.
  2. If no errors are found, convert your script to an .exe file.
  3. Generate the file download pop -Scenario manually.
  4. Now the pop-up is available and click on the .exe file, it should be able to accept the pop-up and download the file.

How do you click on a robot class?

Automate mouse events with Java Robot Class

  1. mouseMove(int x, int y) : moves the mouse a specific location on the screen.
  2. keyPress(int k) : presses a specific key with a specific keycode.
  3. keyRelease(int k) : returns a specific key with a specific keycode free.
  4. mousePress(int b) : presses one or more mouse buttons.
  5. mouseRelease(int b) : Releases one or more mouse buttons.

How does Selenium Webdriver handle uploading Windows files?

Steps to follow during the test:

  1. Click the Upload File / Select File button to display the Upload File dialog. driver.findElement(By.id(“uploadbutton”)).click;
  2. Call the Script.exe file Runtime.getRuntime().exec(“Script.exe”);
  3. The Script.exe file handles the file upload.

What is an action class in Selenium?

The action class is a built-in ability around handle different types of keyboard and mouse events. In Selenium Webdriver, handling these events, including operations such as drag-and-drop or Ctrl-clicking multiple items, is done using the advanced user interaction API.

How do I start an AutoIt script?

You can create an executable (.exe) file of your script by pressing F7. SciTE runs the Aut2Exe program and compiles the script. You can also press Ctrl-F7 to “compile your script with options” and change compilation options like compression value and icon to use.

How can we deal with web-based popups?

Web-based popups

  1. 1) void dismiss() – The dismiss() method clicks the cancel button once the popup appears.
  2. 2 ) void accept() – The accept() method will click the “Ok” button once the popup window appears.
  3. 3) String getText() – The getText() method will return the displayed text on the alert box.

What are the classes in Selenium WebDriver?

All classes

  • AbstractAnnotations.
  • AbstractFindByBuilder.
  • AbstractHttpCommandCodec.
  • AbstractHttpCommandCodec.CommandSpec.
  • AbstractHttpResponseCodec.
  • AbstractWebDriverEventListener.
  • AcceptAlert .
  • AcceptedW3CCapabilityKeys.

What mean you with Vk_down in the key event?

public class KeyEvent extends InputEvent. An event that indicates that a keypress occurred in a component. This low-level event is generated by a component object (e.g. a text field) when a key is pressed, released or entered.

What is the difference between action class and robot class?

Robot class allows Selenium to use an actual mouse, Actions class in Selenium only simulates a mouse, which means Actions class does not move the mouse pointer. Selenium does not support handling window-based popups (like download popups, upload popups).

What is the AWT package in Java?

The java. The awt package is the main package of the AWT or Abstract Windowing Toolkit. It contains classes for graphics, including the Java 2D graphics capabilities introduced in the Java 2 platform, and also defines the basic graphical user interface (GUI) framework for Java.