How do I tell my family that I want a holiday without them?

My wife goes about twice a year without US spending a week away.How does she tell this? I know she needs it because we always do our best to talk open and honest about our needs, desires and — in a general sense — our mental wellbeing. So it never really comes as a surprise.

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Let’s read this article: Tim thought, “Is all this?” and left his family behind for a half-year

Your partner will look at you and ask yourself if you want to do this too.Even ask. Chances are that you are opposed to what resistance. If you then casually ask if you can take a week off, chances are that your partner is positively opposed to this. I say: Magic!

You ask something big which is refused, then you ask something smaller.Because your partner doesn’t want to be unreasonable, chances are you’ll get permission.

I did it once with my wife.Both the neighbouring men and the neighbouring women in the street occasionally eat out, only the men love expensive restaurants. At a time, she wanted to eat really expensive and I know my wife would love that. So what did I say?

“Treasure, we want to do a small wine trip with the neighboring men”
Said: “Do you know what that costs?We do not do this with the neighbouring women either. I don’t want this “

Then I told where we wanted to eat and she immediately said; “Well, please do so!”


Everyone wins;-)

That strikes me as a rather painful message for the family and your partner.

But just go to yourself.What plays here, what am I for parent who wants to be free from the family and let my partner sit with it. What is needed here is exactly what you are now dealing with. Discuss this first with your partner, even without the children. Explain, as sharp as possible, to your partner what exactly you are aiming for, what your need is. Maybe your partner might want to take a break. You can go in turn; But you should also discuss why the family is so heavy. Maybe it’s so crazy not to take the turn of time for yourself. But you do not solve the problem of the heavy family, so you have to discuss with your partner.

If that succeeds: tell your children.Yes, you, not your partner and also without your partner, you are going to tell your children. Explain to them that you want without them and what this joy is for you.

And who knows, everyone responds happily: Thank goodness, that’s not going to be with it.In that case, you will be able to take a whole, long holiday, of many months.

And who knows, they are sad, disappointed, they feel turned down.That is what I hope for you. Still do.

In a word; Fair.That is also the example that you want to give your children. The big problem with interpersonal relations is fear of disapproval through misunderstanding and prejudice. This problem is caused by fear of communication and lack of knowledge about clear communication skills. In a family, each member should be quite honest that the whole is better of the sum of the well-being of the parts. Of course every man needs ‘ own time ‘. Anyone who ignores this or disregards this from an overly responsible sense is actually working on his own ‘ demise ‘. Psychologically, man needs others to survive, but also silence with herself to grow and heal (relax). This is also the purpose of meditation and mindfulness. Our society creates conditioned people who are taught to suppress their own needs wn thoughts in the interest of the masses. READ: The productive Consumer society. This is only 1 model amidst many others. Where burnout and depression is daily cost. In the interests of your family, parents want to remain ‘ healthy ‘ (balanced) physically and mentally so that you can continue to protect them, take care of them, etc. Caring for yourself is therefore a prerequisite to be a good parent and example. That’s also what you want for your child and as a parent is to ignore yourself the worst example you can give. Because people forget to teach children that they also have needs, emotions and limits. Each one’s character, temperament, strong and weaker sides (work points). So to come back to your question; As a parent, you’ll hopefully get together around the table more often for a good conversation, so you’ll also be bringing this message. And again please people who falsely appoint this as ‘ egoism ‘! They are usually still stuck in a certain tubular vision that descended from the old age and unfortunately, like Christianity, the man tried to keep small and void. This way, your children do not bring their own value and knowledge! If you put that yourself away…. So depending on the age of your kids, you tell that Daddy is resting in silence to get back stronger and reenergized. That people all have an inner ‘ battery ‘ and that life, work is sometimes crowded and that you have to recharge in silence. Then you often get new ideas and creativity. Tell that you’d rather go somewhere together, but that adults know that if you’re tired, you need to rest first. Then of course once together away because that’s the nicest thing there is! With a half empty phone you can not call too long, so playing together is better if you first rest well. Tell you that you also hope that your kids can also say this if they are very tired, or if everything gets too much. That is self-knowledge and deserves a compliment. Learning to phrase what lives in us is the first step towards self-conscious living and making the right choices that suit you. In short, this is part of your parenting task as a parent and is therefore a very valuable lesson! Everyone is different and people need to learn to understand and respect it. The unapproved finger will only damage. Condemnations are for fearful people, who have not yet come to appreciation. Enjoy your resting moment and come back charged!

“Otherwise I get mad”

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