How do I survive the fear of making mistakes in life?

The fear is the problem, mistakes you make anyway.

In summer in Loosdrecht, we went there as children swimming.O cold. You can then foot in front of the foot and continue in the water, in a sticky and shivering, or you walk in quickly and you then dive into the water at once. You then ignore your fear of the cold.

Perfectionism, wanting to do something flawless, doesn’t make you better.But just do and try. Failure and laughed is not so much fun, but just like cold water. The more you go off the better you can go with it.

Eventually you learn something just by doing it often.

Some fear is of course useful.Danger can be avoided, but social fears are like cold water. Delicious when you dive into it.

Well you know, without making mistakes you will not go beyond watching TV and maybe that is the biggest mistake a person can make.

Making mistakes makes life more interesting than doing nothing, because you go broke.

I can give a story about everything that I have done wrong as an entrepreneur and in my private life, anyone who has flicked me, all the money and the life I have lost due to unsuccessful projects and the few times I have almost deposited in a ravine , but it is more interesting to know that if the soil is reached it can only go better and the summit is quickly in sight; If you want!

So go do something.So鈩?N Climbing wall seems suitable for you, you will find them in every city. Take a buddy with you and tap the ceiling. Before you are there you have already made 10 mistakes so it is ideal. If you don’t have a buddy, I’ll go by invitation. If there are more people struggling with this, we will make it a Quora afternoon. Finally, T is networking.

No guts, no glory.What makes it now whether you make a mistake every now and then, as long as you do your best and mistakes (educated guesses) not confused with blind gambling (deliberately by Red riding is not an error, that is Ideoterie).

Healthy anxiety is good, keeps you sharp and vigilant, forcing you to perform.If you never feel fear you are reckless and David. Crippling fear is very, if you are paralyzed you have never been given permission to look for your limits and make mistakes. Healthy parents warn children of real danger but give children permission to make mistakes. Sometimes mistakes are a learning moment, sometimes it’s just bad luck….. You’ve done it right and yet it went wrong 鈧?”try again. Wrong parents reflect their deficits and fears to the children and “condition” them. Sometimes it is pure paranoia as “you may not vote on the election then the government knows all about you” or “You may not eat at McDonalds there people are blind of” but can be very malicious “If I am dead, then you may get relationship and marry”. Even if your young mind says it’s not right, you’ll stay in conditioning your life long. In order to make mistakes you have to get permission. If you don’t have those of your parents, you need someone you trust and appreciate to ask for permission 鈧?”a family friend, a mentor, a therapist, a priest, someone you understand. It must be weird as an adult to ask for permission to leave your home, travel with Metro, write a letter, seek job, make phone call or go on holiday, but your soul needs that to act. It is not easy to find someone who understands and sincerely gives his unconditional consent, but that is the only real way to be redeemed. You can also overcome that fear in extreme circumstances like bjv extreme natural disaster, ear-loin, violent eruption, fly-accident… When your survival urge takes over and lets you do things that you shouldn’t otherwise do. Then you realise that it is not only good but also necessary. Then you go step by step forward. Here you can not wait otherwise you condition yourself “I may leave my home only if a comet afflicts the Earth and eradicates all life”. Trade now. Ask for permission to make mistakes. Make mistakes, talk about it. If you receive sincere consent and sincerely accept that consent, your heart will feel full of joy and your soul is suddenly ready to do something that you yourself are not to be allowed to do. If that would mean something to you: I give you permission to look up your limits and make mistakes, and continue until your life becomes happy. Because you deserve that. May your heart be filled with joy and your soul as sharp as the Arctic star in a bright cold winter night.

Let sail that fear; From mistakes you learn…

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