To add the Ecobee4 to HomeKit, first select the gear icon on the main thermostat screen in the app, then select your setup. Add. A special HomeKit code will appear on the thermostat‘s screen. Hold your iPhone or iPad camera up to the code and the two will be paired.

Just so, how do I connect my ecobee 4?

If your ecobee won’t turn on, please try these steps.

  1. Check your wire and terminal connection.
  2. Check your HVAC cover.
  3. Make sure your R wire is plugged into the correct terminal .
  4. Make sure your cable and port connections are secure in the Power Extender Kit.

Also, is ecobee4 easy to install?

The Ecobee4 is easy to install Install. Unscrew the mounting plate, thread the wires through and attach the thermostat in place of your old one. Unlike many thermostats, smart or not, the Ecobee4 comes with a remote sensor.

So where is the registration code on ecobee 4?

Obtaining the registration code

You can get this code by doing the following on your ecobee thermostat screen: 1. Tap on the three horizontal bars in the bottom left corner of the ecobee screen to open the main menu. After completing these steps, the code will appear on the thermostat display.

How long does it take to install ecobee 4?

about an hour

How to set reset my ecobee registration code?

On the ecobee, go to Main Menu>Settings>Reset>Reset Registration. Then they can register the ecobee via the main menu.

Do I need ecobee sensors?

So if you already have an ecobee3 or ecobee4 smart thermostat, you need it in order to to buy sensors. The good news is that the ecobee4 comes with a room sensor in the box to get you started, but there are additional costs if you want to buy more.

Does ecobee4 monitor humidity?

Multiple humidity control options. The ecobee also has a humidity sensor in the base. If you have a humidifier or dehumidifier for the whole house, it can be controlled by this thermostat. However, there is only space to connect one accessory, so you can only choose one.

Does ecobee4 require an AC cable?

Did you connect a C-cable to your old thermostat ? If you have a C-cable it will power your Ecobee. You don’t need the included Power Extender Kit.

How much does it cost to install the ecobee thermostat?

Thermostat installation

Thermostat 1 Installation Cost

National Average Cost $187.50
Average range $230
Minimum cost $90
Maximum cost $650

How do I connect my phone to ecobee?

Android device:

  1. Open your device’s settings.
  2. Select Network & Internet. Then Hotspot & Tethering.
  3. Tap on Wi-Fi hotspot. Turn this on.
  4. You may need to set up certain settings like the hotspot name or password if you haven’t already done so. To do this, select Set up a WiFi hotspot.

How do I know which Ecobee?

Tap on “Menu” on your Ecobee thermostat. and then select “About”. In the Ecobee Thermostat app, tap “Menu” and then select “About”.

Is ecobee4 a learning thermostat?

Both Ecobee4 and Nest Learning Thermostat allow you to change temperature Make and program heating/cooling schedules via a smartphone app and on the thermostat itself. With Ecobee4 you can create holiday plans to save energy when you are away for several days.

Does ecobee4 work without WiFi?

Ecobee4, on the other hand, can run your heating and cooling system without WiFi, e.g. a Wi-Fi connection, you need a wireless signal for other extras that make the thermostat smart, such as Compatible with most heating and Residential cooling systems in North America, including gas, oil, electric and dual fuel systems. To find out if Ecobee thermostats will work in your home, please use our compatibility checker.

Does the Ecobee have a battery?

The Ecobee comes with a wireless sensor that uses electricity is powered by a CR2032 coin cell battery; The company says it should last around 4 years. You will get a warning when the battery is low.

How do I reset my ecobee3?

1 Factory data reset

  1. From the home screen, press Menu .
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Go to Reset.
  4. Select Reset all settings and confirm your choice by pressing Yes.
  5. Choose the reset option that suits your needs:
  6. The Ecobee thermostat will be reset to factory settings.

How to unlock me my Ecobee thermostat?

How to lock your Ecobee thermostat with a PIN code

  1. If you have children in the house and you are strict about the thermostat, you can lock your Ecobee with a Lock PIN code so no one can set the temperature except for those who have permission.
  2. Scroll down and tap “Settings”.
  3. Select “Access Control ”.
  4. Tap click “Enable Security”. Code”.

How many wires does the ecobee need?

ecobee thermostats require a C-wire (common) to power up. If you only have two If you have wires on your current thermostat, you have a few installation options depending on your application.Note: You cannot install the Power Extender Kit (PEK) with heat-only 2-wire systems.

What is better, Nest or Ecobee?

Ecobee is more efficient than Nest in knowing if you are home or away as it has a motion sensor at the base and uses additional SmartSensors to detect motion and temperature Room sensor is included in Ecobee SmartThermostat (not with Ecobee3 Lite) and you can add up to 32 SmartSensors to each Ecobee system.

How much does ecobee cost to install?

Ecobee 4 costs $250 full price, so they want $900 for installation.

How do I reset my Ecobee without a password?

Visit https://ww -password/ to reset your password. A password reset email will be sent to the email address associated with your registered thermostat via [email\\protected]