How do I prevent me from doing business over-analyze?

Ha, I started with a lot of hope to the other replies, but unfortunately…

And I don’t know either.

I am very analytical myself.And I used that to the fullest when I started my last border line therapy. I was actually so angry of that what was said about borderline, always but that repeating those symptoms, and nowhere to find what it actually IS. So I started to think of that, by analyzing everything to perfection.

As a result, I got better.

How to turn that thing off again now???

I have NO idea.

That is part of yourself, these factors can play a role in this:

-Lack of overview (you also get if you lose too much in details) so that you cannot distinguish your side issues from the main issues.

-compulsively to have to get 100% while it would be a good result for the practice 95%.

-Excessive doubt sigh

-perhaps also a lack of self-confidence?

Do introspection, looking at yourself is often very useful, pretrashing without looking inside from time to time is not productive.

If you can’t think about how to cope better, it’s time to take a coach.Besides their sporty coach, Top athletes often also have a mental coach, or a coach that gives both aspects attention, why not you?

Success with it!


But do it fine.The art is there to limit an analysis. At one point it is ready.

What is the problem or theme
Where is the problem or theme
When does the problem occur.And if it occurs, how long then?
How often… There is a regular…
How much impact does the problem or theme have?How many people touches it, what are the costs..

The attentive reader recognizes analytical troubleshooting according to the Kepner-Tregoe method. (also located in the Netherlands.. I have no shares in:D)

But the what, when, where and how bad, are pretty much the basic characteristics of any kind of problem.Catch the subject in a table, and let that lead you.

Note that any problem statement is NOT CORRECT. So going through your analysis you should always adjust the problem setting to the possible causes that you have figured out.And so you come to an answer, and end the effort on that topic.

Avoid as much as possible the question ‘ why ‘

Why is an invitation to lie.(and that comes out again from a Krauthammer course) It suffers from it, and puts you on a wrong track. Better to ask open questions.. How, what..

Two know more than one.Take someone in trust. That also helps to put an end to it.

And topic your own question also agree to the K-T method.Because perhaps your question is not the real question you are struggling with.

No idea.

Analyzing without any keys/falsification is not very useful.

And also it is convenient not to ignore the Occam razor (“make things no harder than they are”).
Usually simple explanations are more robust and more probable.


Pack of pen and paper (notebook), a nice coffee, a fine music, a timer, a black marker and a nice chair!

You get 30 minutes from me because this is your first time. Do this regularly/daily and you have to 10 minutes enough.


Take a sip of coffee… Fold/Share your sheet in 4 compartments (so fold it over the length, double 2 times so that you hold 4 long folds).



You get 5 minutes for this assignment: Write -in the first plane -all the worries, doubts or problems that are currently going through your head. Don’t try to bundle thoughts (e.g.Due to repeated misperformance, I lose my job) but keep them as simple as possible (e.g. I arrived late this morning at work).

Beep beep, 5 minutes to be!

Now imagine that you are not taking any action on these problems.You do nothing at all…

At which of the previously described problems is the situation worsens by doing nothing after:

A.) 1 day

B.) 1 week

C.) 1 month

You feel him already arriving… The 3 blank planes on your sheet are for these 3 categories.You may, for yourself, describe why you think the situation then worsens. Again you try to keep the attention strictly to the described problem and the direct consequences. So don’t come to describe it too late that if this happens more often your boss is angry but watch it only for this one time come too late and its direct consequences.

You get 10 minutes, GO!

Beep beep, time passed.Grab some drink, you’ve earned it.

Before you see a summary of that dark corner in your head where the monsters are located… I just don’t like monsters, poor their.

Now grab the monster-killer (your black marker so…).With everything that does not grow the problem at all, a line is immediately passed. Everything that has become bigger tomorrow but about a week is no longer relevant as well. Not worth your time…

You keep the medium sized and large monsters over.Write these together. On a second sheet with 4 planes again.

Now, by problem, indicate whether -and how -you can solve them INDEPENDENTLY within a:

A.) One hour

B.) One or several days

C.) a week or longer (including the “Know Nothing” and “dependent on others”)

You get 5 minutes.Go!

Beep beep, time passed.Very busy!

Now comes to the finals:

All the problems you can solve, within an hour, you put on your to-do list today.

All the problems you need for a full day are critical first.Do you really need a full day or can you break it down into smaller tasks that are done under an hour? For example, that project that has to be finished consists of several parts that can be done in between anyway? Put these small tasks on your to-do list.

Anyway not to get smaller?Schedule this activity on a day in your calendar. Your attention will only go to this problem this day.

Problems of more than a week?These do not exist… You get a yellow card from me and need to see for punishment the next 5 minutes if these problems are getting smaller and thus belong in the previous categories.

Then we still have the problems without a solution or where you depend on others.The problems without a solution you go to share with someone you trusted. This can be done within an hour, so… To-do list!

The dependence of others is another issue.The last 5 minutes go over here… Answer, for yourself, the following questions:

A.) am I really dependent on others?

No?Problem sharing with others.

Yes?Forward to next question.

B.) Can I exert influence on the work of these others?

Yes?Split and organize them on your To do list or calendar.

No?Forward to next question.

C.) Why do I get busy?

You have no influence on the problem itself, or the one you depend on.You are totally dependent and can do nothing but wait. Don’t waste this time worrying! It still has no effect and only ruining your mood and focus on the other, manageable, problems.

With me it only works to keep my head busy with other things like work and study, or play games/watch series.Not too long to think of a purple elephant.

When you are over-analyzing you take away from your feelings.Your mind is going to prevail and your feelings are suppressed. The result is a imbalance that doesn’t make you happy. The clich茅 reads: “Follow your heart, that’s always right.”

If you think of yourself that you are over-analyzing, then let your feelings speak.Listen to the language of your body that tells you more than you think.

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