How do I make my study habits in order now that I go to college?

If you want to become a member of a traditional association I recommend you to wait a year.

Such an introduction time eats time and energy: first just before the beginning of the year at the Degreening camp where you hardly get sleep, then days when you have to be at the pub all day or to collect the association or for a Chore do.By the time you are inaugurated at the end of September, it is usually not over because you have to find a club or a dispute for another year. As far as you have the time to go to college or study you are so tired that you fall asleep above your books. And you have the novelty of the study and live it on yourself anyway. You can then completely write down your first semester.

Such a beginning is not conducive to the study, especially if subjects in the second semester build on the first.You start with a lag immediately and have to work hard to walk that up. In addition, if there is a binding negative study advice for a study, you should also stop your studies and if you have to go for another study to another city, you will also have wasted all the energy you put into the association.

The associations themselves have weekly study groups and third parties to cope with this problem, with the idea that in an association, the elderly can help the freshmen in particular.Unfortunately, there is usually little to do: The first appointment ends at the pub, the second appointment no one will show up, and that was it.

Just wait a year, build a good start of your study and get used to living on yourself, and then you can always join in the second years if you wish.The program is even more intensive, but you are better prepared for it.

The hardest part is that you do not have more keys like in school-or a lot less.You get a lot of exams, especially in January and in June. These come so quickly after each other that it is impossible to take the substance for the first time in the exam period itself or briefly for it. In addition, the exams are not there to let you through, but on the contrary to eliminate a predetermined percentage of the students. Say only half of the attached Members in 1st candidacy, and another half of whom remains in the 2nd. In short: the applications are an elimination process, and a strict one. No pity, point.

So you must have already thoroughly understood your substance before the exam periods begin.Otherwise, you hardly make a chance. Unless you have an IQ of 140, an elephant memory and enough to sleep three hours. However, it normally requires you to work on it all year round. Be sure to relax, certainly, but if you only think you should study a 2 -3 months a year, do not start: You will be cut off.

Also try not to “block for 2nd sit”-that rarely succeeds.And nowadays, in Belgium, you can transfer the first 3 years, courses to the next year. That’s mostly nonsense; You end up in your third year with such a huge collection of problem boxes (“tube boxes”) that even a hardworking student could not. And you have lost three years.

So: If you can’t or want to study regularly, all year round, don’t start: You will save a lot of time, pain and money.Or you might have a lot of fun, but you’ll be in for the rest of your life.

Sorry If this sounds loud, but this is what my experience has been.And I think it has become MUCH more competitive since then (end OF years 1970-the beginning OF the year 1980).

Good luck!

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