How do I make my day more productive?

Last year I read an article about productivity.The article stated that reading emails and answering them takes a lot of time and productivity off of you. That’s why they advised to simply read and reply to the emails at the end of the morning.

But this approach just doesn’t fit me.

What I find important to be productive, and above all to stay productive is:

* Eat healthily and regularly

* Enough water/less coffee drink

* Take a break and move well (for example Ping pong with colleagues playing is fantastic)

* Keep my inbox always clean and organized.

* “No” say: When I’m busy with something, I don’t want to be disturbed.

* Write to-do lists and set priorities

* I use Google Calendar and always put double alarms (one day and a half-hour in advance)

* Keep my phone always on “Do not Disturb”/stil mode.No vibrate or ringtone.

Rule 1: Email is not your priority.11 o’clock in the morning is early enough.

Rule 2: Snap your primary process.What should you deliver, and to whom? Do you understand what he needs to be able to further edit and pass the ‘ unit of work ‘?

Rule 3: Understand what your entrance criteria are to adopt a unit of work.If they do not structurally occur:

Rule 4: Talk to the department that provides you with incomplete work.Quality is important in every link. They must understand and fill in your entrance criteria! Does not mean that they have to do your work, but they have to deliver it fully. If you have to send it back to make it full, it’s called re-work, which is hugely retarding.

Regel5: Do not pull too heavy.It is often better to deliver the work well than to quickly continue.

And take time for a chat and a joke!

I’m actually trying to do the following

  • What are the 2 things (maximum) that needs to do today
  • What is the probability that something can come in between.

Plan one hour before.

Then I put my phone “Do Not Disturb mode” and I start my day.I keep a concentration span of 50 to 55 minutes.

Then I take a break of 5 to 10 minutes where I:

  • Water drink (at least 300 ml)
  • A bit of walking
  • Personal messages Check
  • See what colleagues are calling about chat.

After the break I check my mail for 3 minutes.. There is nothing bad, I go further.Action Is requested. I reply that I have read the message and come back to it during the time slot that I have scheduled e-mail work. Of course I am doing a little longer than 3 minutes but in practice that is rarely necessary I have come back. If it Is urgent then I have been approached in other ways.

I get so done more.I can communicate more effectively with colleagues and there is plenty of time to be effective.

Make especially and (realistic) List of tasks for the day.Tasks that you want to have done that day ‘ just ‘. Work on that list during the day. Any new things you put on the list for later.

Start the day by taking a look at the Todo list and compose the list for today.If it gives you more peace, you can also make this list the last task of the day, as you smorgen not have to worry about it.

By applying these five tips, you quickly make your day much more productive:

1.Check your email less

Email is one of the biggest time rovers.If we treat email more like the letter post rather than as demands and orders, we focus more on real tasks and let us distract our attention less by the inbox.

Therefore, make a rule for yourself that you limit the number of times a day you check your email.Be radical. If someone really needs to speak to you urgently, they can always send SMS or call.

2.Plan the night before

Book some time the night before -or at the end of your workday -to note what you want to do the next day.This will allow you to reach two things:
-You remove all to do’s from your brain and put them on paper so that your head is free
-You can start the next morning with a flying start because you know exactly what action you are starting with.

3.Don’t fight your body clock

Are you a morning man?Fine. Are you a night man, also good. Try not to change that unless you absolutely have to. Morning people and evening people are both equally productive, but just at other times of the day. I write this little bit later in the day because my creativity is higher. But some authors stand up for day and dew to write. You don’t have to fight against your biological clock.

4.Eat less and eat healthily -and more frequently

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are of course your daily key meals, but if you want to keep your energy up, you should also eat in between something.Choose wisely: Try to limit sugar and processed food to the benefit of some nuts, fruit or vegetables (think of cherry tomatoes for example). Ready-to-eat meals are fast, but usually less healthy. Also keep water nearby, or some herbal teas, to stay hydrated.

5.Do the hardest first

Look at your To do list, decide what you find the hardest/toughest, and do it first.This increases your productivity exponentially.
Read more about Postpone or continue on my blog ?Or how a frog can help.

These five tips seem simple, but they are not that simple to keep doing effectively.If you stick to it, you will find that your day becomes much more productive.

Much depends on what productivity means to you.For me it means that I can work concentrated and efficiently for a longer period of time.

This means that I try to limit phone and email to certain times in the day.They give the impression that you are productive without being real. In certain forms of employment this is otherwise natural, but for many people they are making a huge loss of productivity.

Group phone calls and email and treat them one to two times a day.Then turn off your phone and shut down your email client and work a few hours concentrated. You will be amazed by the difference in productivity.

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