How do I keep my mind peaceful and not to think too much about my personal problems?

Before we think about serious factors, you must first observe and enumerate.Under what circumstances do you more squat, when do you find it harder to let go than otherwise? Here some sober aspects, which I also suffer from some.

  1. Consumption of alcohol, caffeine and sugar.

These influence both our physical and mental functioning… And not always in a positive way. Moderating these consumptions also inhibits the effect on your mood and thinking. Smoking especially in time, I suspect.

  • Nutrition and the fragility of your digestive system.
  • Because of breakdowns I am often bleacher, less energetic, more and more squeerer.

  • Passivity.
  • Both movement and things are going to stimulate you in a positive way. Also known as distraction search.

  • Sleep rhythm.
  • Try to be consistent, messing up disturbs your mood.

  • Stress, overstimulation, other physical ailments, other causes.
  • Onbelans between intensive and quiet activities.
  • Isolation from other people or just too much conviviality.
  • After the sobriarity analysis, you can look at your psycho-social condition and character.

    1. Are you of character heavy on the hand, trending to pessimism?

    That is not necessarily strange, every man is different. The reason you are more somber can also be your talents and strengths in other aspects and disciplines. Accept that, but don’t let your life master it. Personality Types | 16Personalities

  • Do you grant your fundamental value and self-esteem to what people think of you, your achievements and what you have?
  • In other words: Status, success and money? These can be healthy incentives to develop, but you should never determine your sense of intrinsic value and respect, see video below.

  • Are your expectations realistic, too ambitious or rather modest.
  • Write this out for yourself and ask for a second opinion. How well can you let go?

  • Do you communicate well your boundaries and desires to others and do you understand those of them?
  • Do you take too many responsibilities?

  • Do you have activities and relationships that you consider to be meaningful, where the benefits outweigh the burdens?
  • Concluding remarks

    1. Work step by step, don’t change everything at once.

    That causes just unrest and you don’t know what works.

  • Don’t go worrying about worrying.
  • It is something that belongs to you, don’t give too much weight to it.

  • Live in the now, enjoy more, expect less.
  • For real problems make a plan a schedule to work on it.
  • Then release it until the next step.

  • Practice gratitude and think of beautiful moments.
  • Don’t go into discussion with negative thoughts.
  • Think positively or better: laugh at it, get your shoulders and go find some distractions.

  • Don’t be perfectionist.
  • Life has no exam class, we are always learning and growing.

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    Problems are there to solve and if you cannot solve them you have to accept them and let go.Easily said and less easily done. So your mind is asking for a solution and will turn thoughts circles until a light point is found. Try to think a lot more about what you have experienced at happy moments, your achievements, beautiful travels and what you have already solved. With pride on these facts, you will get hopenly back into your good energy.

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